Unique Things to Do at Disneyland

Eat a chocolate-covered banana. This unique frozen treat can be found throughout the park and is a great way to add to your Disneyland experience on a hot summer day.

Relax, take a load off by sitting next to the Cinderella Castle and watch the swans and ducks. This can be a nice way to relieve some of the stresses of a long day at Disneyland.

Go visit the witch. Above Snow White’s Scary Adventures, you will see a window with a curtain. Keep a sharp eye and every few seconds you will see the evil queen peering out over the Disneyland crowd. Then, as if she was never there, she closes the curtains again.

Climb the Tarzan Treehouse. High above the treetops in Disneyland’s Adventureland, you will find a man-made replica of Tarzan’s famous abode from the Disney film Tarzan. This climb high into the treetops takes some good climbing legs and it just might get the faint of heart over their fears of heights once and for all.

Ride Space Mountain. Debuting in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland in the late 1970’s, this is one of the infamous Disneyland mountain ranges. This thrilling indoor dark ride features roller-coaster style bobsleds that leave you careening through the pitch black darkness with nothing more to guide you than a few glowing stars.

Stop by the Carnation Plaza to hear some music. This particular spot has featured such famous jazz greats in the past such as Woody Herman. Although some of the music has changed, the plaza still features numerous musical acts that can really be a treat if you’ve been walking around the park all day.
Here you can enjoy the music and maybe enjoy a bar of ice cream while you’re at it.

Try your luck at pulling the Sword from the Stone in Disneyland’s Fantasyland. The sword is located right in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle as you enter Fantasyland. Every once in awhile, the sword’s rightful owner happens by and is actually successful in removing it from the stone.

Visit the different Disney characters. These suited characters are located all throughout the park. They are usually more than willing to let you take a photo or two with them by your side.

Ride the horse-drawn street cars in Disneyland’s Main Street area. large Percheron, Belgian, and Clydesdale breed of horses are used to give you a ride up Main Street USA. Sometimes, when the ride stops, you can even get up close to meet the horses and pet them.

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