Unique Ways to Decorate the Home with Faux Stained Glass

Stained glass has been around for centuries, and it will never go out of style. The classic beauty of these timeless works of art is used to embellish lamps, frames and windows. It can be quite expensive, but convincing faux varieties make it possible for absolutely anyone to enjoy this type of artwork in the home. Try these unique ways to decorate with faux stained glass, and use it to decorate a bathroom, living room, bedroom and other areas of the home with combined sections of vibrant color that result in single works of impressive art.

Faux Stained Glass Peel and Stick Window Film

A bathroom window in a home I used to own was covered by a maroon vinyl mini-blind, but it did not close tightly, and the holes designed to connect the slats and cord were too large for privacy. I had to find a better option, but I wanted to find something that would decorate the space while allowing natural light to shine through.

I found peel and stick window film at a local Home Depot store for approximately $16 a roll. It looked just like stained glass from the outside when the lights were on indoors, and it provided complete privacy without blocking natural light. During the day it looked absolutely beautiful indoors, especially on bright sunny days. Best of all, no one could tell it was faux glass from the street. It looked just as good as real window art, but it was considerably cheaper. It is easy to apply, and it is a fantastic option for any window where a view is not desired.

Consider a Unique Faux Stained Glass Lamp

When looking for unique ways to decorate your home with faux stained glass, consider a decorative tabletop lamp. It does not have be a Dale Tiffany lamp to look stunning. I purchased the one pictured for $20 at a local variety store. It was a fantastic deal. My faux stained glass lamp is designed from real glass, but it is not the high-end variety. The designer of my beautiful egg-shaped lamp chose to embellish it with flat glass marbles and other inexpensive translucent additions.

Search Yahoo! Shopping for a similar lamp at the lowest possible price. A faux stained glass lamp of this type can be used to beautifully decorate a bedroom, a living room, a foyer or any other appropriate area of the home. Although my faux stained glass lamp did not cost a small fortune, it is a lovely addition to my bedroom decor.

These are just some of the ways I have used faux stained glass throughout my home. My daughter and I have made window decor using simple kits, and I have purchased inexpensive faux stained glass picture frames. The colors can be absolutely beautiful, especially when light shines through and enhances the hues.

Source: Personal Crafting and Home Decorating Experience

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