Unique Winter Wedding Party Favor Ideas

For some a winter wedding makes the event even more enjoyable. When planning a winter wedding there are a lot of unique details that you can add that you can not add to a traditional summer wedding. The party favors are one area where you can really get creative. Below you will find some simple do it yourself wedding party favor ideas.

Homemade chocolate balls or Truffles

White chocolate melted down and then placed into round molds are really easy to make. You can use any recipe that you like for your homemade chocolate balls. You can even dip them in coconut to give them an added winter touch. Do a simple Google search for recipes to make your chocolate balls or click here for some creative ideas to get you started. After you have finished making the chocolate balls you can place them in boxes lines with small pieces of wax paper. You can order special wedding favor boxes to hold the candy. You can also wrap them in plastic, but make sure they are frozen before placing them in the packages.

Hot Chocolate favors

It’s wintertime so why not treat your guest to some hot chocolate favors that they are sure to love. You can visit your local dollar store to pick up a box of small glass containers. If you search through the store you may be able to find some unique glass containers. Some have even used large swan shaped favors, but this depends on your budget. Once you have chosen your container you will want to find a hot chocolate recipe and fill each container with a set amount. On top of the chocolate mix place marshmallows to cover the top. Or if you don’t want the extra work of mixing recipes, purchase a box of the packets and empty them into the containers, just adding marshmallow. Each container will need a small card tied to it using ribbon. The card should say that hot chocolate with marshmallows are in the container. Some like to put little instructions on how to make the hot chocolate an others like to put a little thank you poem. You can easily do this with your computer .

Homemade potpourri

Making your own little potpourri sashes can be a lot of fun, you just have to find what scent you like, and one that your guest may like as well. A popular one for winter is cinnamon, or peppermint. This is something that your guests can easily use in their home.

Snowflake picture frames

These are also very easy to find online, in bulk supply. During the winter months you should have no problem finding snow flake picture frames. Some brides and grooms to be like to take engagement pictures and put these in the frames. They can always replace the picture with one from the wedding if they like.

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