Throughout life, we meet different face.

Just like traveling the world, but calling it different places,

At the core they are all the same.

We just give each face its own name.

If we dig to the core behind each mask,

Which I do not claim to be an easy task,

We will find the Universal Symmetry.

Behind each façade, we share the same identity.

How could we all stem from the same man,

And one, another person, be greater than?

We were all the same at our lives’ starts,

And we remain the same in hear of our hearts.

We do not each have a special soul mate

For whom we are predestined to love by fate.

Love is a realization of sharing a core,

And if you truly look, these people you find more and more.

After seeing this, there cannot be hate

For those whose core with you do not relate

Are no different from you or me.

They are just afraid to let us see.

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