Up All Night: Modern Business’ that Now Stay Open 24/7

Remember when businesses used to close at five o’clock? There were a few exceptions, but for the most part, until the1990’s, most companies had regular hours of business and they were all pretty much the same; 9-5 working hours were the norm.

That has all changed. Be it because the pace of life accelerated, technology kept moving us forward, or our global mindset forced us into other time zones, we are a planet on the move and were wide awake…late!

A few businesses that are open all night long, that once closed early:

1) TV stations: Do you remember turning on the tv late at night (or in the wee hours of the morning) when and you saw a screen with colored lines on, and heard static? Television stations used to shut down, but they don’t do that anymore! TV and Cable stations realized they could charge for commercials all day long, and they make good use of that time now. (They never waste a second when it comes to advertising). Now, they use that time to run infomercials or old sitcoms. We also have a huge selection of television programs to pick from, even at 4am. Television never sleeps, now, so we can catch all the re-runs we missed back in the 70’s or 80’s, or even order that must-have item we saw on the infomercial, for just 19.99!

2) Gas Stations: When I was growing up, and traveling with my family, I remember pulling up to those old gas stations really late at night, and seeing that the lights turned off. We had to keep on driving and hope that we made it! The big city was our only option for gas that late at night, and that was only at a truck stop. But now, with the pay-at- the pump convenience, they can all stay open late, and only 1 person has to be there. It has really changed the way we fill up our tanks! For the price we pay for gas now, I guess they can afford it!

3) Gyms: Did we really need a 24 hour gym? Who are these people that work out at 3 and 4 in the morning? It seems crazy to me for a gym to be open all day long, but those are the happening places to be! If you’re feeling restless at 3 in the morning, just hop in the car and go down to the gym. Work out some of your energy, anytime you want!

4) Grocery Stores: This began with midnight hours. It later went to 2 am, and then now, they stay open all night too! If you’re pregnant wife needs some pickles and ice cream at 5 in the morning, never fear! the local Piggly Wiggly or Super Walmart is just around the corner! You can feed your cravings 24 hours a day! I’m not sure that 24 hour access to food is what this country needed, but, it’s nice to know that the doors never close if I have a chocolate emergency!

5) Fast Food Restaurants: For many years, only a few eating establishments were open all night. I never thought that would change. I guess our need for fast food became so strong that we have to go to the local Taco Bell or McD’s at 3 am. Either that, or the “pot heads” with the late night munchies make it profitable for them to stay open all night. Maybe those bean burritos taste better at 4am?

6) Pharmacies: More and more, the local paharmacies are extending their hours to even later. I live in a small town, and even the small town pharmacy stays open until 10pm. But if you go to the larger cities or by the local hospital, you can get your pharmaceuticals at any time. For those late night headaches or tummy aches, its a great convenience.

7) The World-Wide-Web: One of the biggest changes that we have had in our lifetime is the availability of internet businesses at any time of the day. With the internet, you can bank, shop, skype, email and more 24/7. The internet opened up limitless posibilities. Technology never sleeps, and its changing the way we live, work and socialize. You can even change your dating status at 5am if you want! What a relief. Now, you will never miss an opportunity.

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