User Review: Landvoice Pro Lead System

If you’re in real estate, you are likely familiar with the Landvoice lead system, which provides subscribers with owner names, phone numbers, and addresses of For Sale by Owner, Expired, and Pre-foreclosure Homes. Landvoice does all the work of searching newspapers, magazines, web sites, and databases to find contact information that real estate agents can use to develop new leads. They even have the results linked to the Do Not Call list, so agents stay protected. Recently, they launched the Landvoice Pro system, which I have been privy to use through a colleague I do administrative work for. We have been testing it for three months to see if it is worth the investment. While their main service has been beneficial, I do not suggest buying into this program yet and here I discuss why.

Landvoice advertises their Pro System as providing:

Up to 90% Phone Numbers
Cell Phone Numbers Included
2x More Numbers Than Their Current Service
3x More Numbers Than Competitors
Up to 3 Phone Number Results Per Lead
No Setup Fees or Long Term Contracts

I’ll break down their guarantees as I’ve experienced them.

Up to 90% Phone Numbers. The keywords are “Up to”. We have never had phone numbers for 90% of our leads. We are based in an area with a population well over 150,000 people and should get at least one good number a day, but that rarely happens.

Cell Phone Numbers Included. When we first signed up for the service, they provided little symbols to indicate which number was a landline and which was a cell phone. A few weeks into using the service, they updated the dashboard and removed the symbols. Users now do not know if it’s a cell phone. There’s really no way of determining this unless you’re familiar with how local phone numbers are created or if the owner indicates it’s their cell phone.

2x More Numbers Than Their Current Service. The current month’s return rate for their current service (for us) is 89%. For Landvoice Pro (for us), it’s less than 10%. Maybe this differs depending on where you are located, but that’s clearly not twice the amount of numbers. Strangely, when Landvoice does not return results, I’ve found I can locate numbers by doing a search in the white pages. I’m not sure why the system does not find these numbers, because I can easily access them.

3x More Numbers Than Competitors. This is difficult to measure, because it’s been some time since we’ve used another service and they don’t indicate which services they might be comparing themselves to. However, I will say that we switched from RedX, because we had better results with Landvoice.

Up to 3 Phone Number Results Per Lead. When Landvoice Pro returns results, it often gives more than one result for the same lead. However, the numbers don’t always work. When the property is a condominium, Landvoice Pro returns all of the phone numbers for every condo unit it can find in the same building. In the past three months, we haven’t received one number from condo results that was the actual owner we were looking for. That adds up to a lot of useless phone numbers.

No Setup Fees or Long Term Contracts. This is true. You can pay monthly for this service. However, you are limited to the number of leads that you can search. As their customer service recommends, we export the properties that produce no results in the current system and enter them into the pro system. This cuts down on the number of properties we have to search. If you run out of leads, you can purchase more.

It appears that Landvoice Pro is still working out the kinks of their program and not yet able to deliver completely on what they advertise. They have been down multiple times in the past three months and their dashboard is not fully functional. These results don’t quite justify paying the monthly price in addition to the payment for their current system. However, I would recommend using Landvoice’s current system. It saves a lot of time, which you would otherwise spend searching multiple web sites.

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