Valentine’s Day Ideas for Guys

Valentine’s Day. It’s a day when guys pull out all the stops in love and women enjoy the ride! Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for guys showcase their most creative and romantic appreciation for their mates. Anyone can simply go out for a nice dinner and nightcap, but guys will win extra ‘awww’ points with women if they take it a step beyond the norm and get creative with their Valentine’s Day plans. Women like to feel special and unique as opposed to a cliche or societal norm. As I have learned from countless causual conversations with women, they really do appreciate when a man goes above and beyond to impress them on days like this. Check out these 5 great ideas that are sure to sweep to anyone woman off her feet on this romantic day!

1. Candlelight Dinner – How easy is it for you to just pick a woman up and whisk her away to a nice romantic restaurant for dinner where you don’t have to lift a finger?! Instead, show your lady that you put some real thought, effort, and energy into the occasion. Surprise her by cooking one of her favorite meals and enjoying it by candlelight. This is not only a great way to show off your cooking skills but also to showcase how great of a catch you really are when you combine great conversation into the mix. To really make it romantic, dress up as if you were taking her out, splash on that cologne she loves so much, and have a small surprise gift waiting for her at the end of dinner. 2. Romantic Scavenger Hunt – Want to take Valentine’s Day to the next level? Try leading your lady on a romantic scavenger hunt throughout the day that ends with a jaw dropping surprise. You can start the scavenger hunt by sending her surprise flowers to work (yes her job so everyone, not just her, can see where you’re going with this idea). Include a mysterious note that begins the scavenger hunt with a few vague instructions for her to follow so it leads to the next part of the scavenger hunt. Make sure your notes and instructions are very short with concrete details, times, and/or locations, etc. Ex. 1219 Rose Street Downtown 4pm ask for John. As you ‘anonymously’ reveal more details throughout the day, her heart will be racing with anticipation and she will be kept on her toes waiting to see what you’re going to do next. To you psych majors, when you keep a woman guessing in a positive light about you the more her interest level in you will go up. Waaay up. 3. Massage/Spa Date ­- It’s no secret that women love to be pampered. Hair, nails, skin, you name it they do it. Why not surprise your lady with a romantic day at the best spa in town. Let her get everything she’s ever wanted at a spa all in the same day. She will definitely appreciate this gesture from you. Her stresses, worries, and negative energy will all melt away in these moments which will help her to relax. To make it really enjoyable, join her in the spa treatment. Follow this up with a nice romantic dinner and it will be you who ends up getting a surprise at the end. 4. Inside Pinic – Don’t have a lot of money to spend or don’t know your way around the kitchen? Having an indoor picnic is a great idea that guys can do for their ladies on Valentine’s Day. Make sure it’s done right: a picnic blanket and a basket of food, drinks, and some of her favorite sweet goodies should do the trick. To really kick it up a notch, light some scented candles, sprinkle the surrounding area with rose petals, and have some soft music playing in the background to make the mood even more romantic. 5. Movie Night – Not too creative? Light in the wallet? There’s still hope for you. Invite your lady over, order in, and snuggle up for the night and watch some of her favorite movies. Yes that means the chick flicks. If you want to sweeten the deal buy her a nice comfortable pair of pajamas to lounge around in with you. Wear your most comfortable pj’s as well. Sometimes there’s nothing better than lounging around in comfy pj’s with your woman watching TV and enjoying each other’s company. Simple and sweet.

There you have it, 5 great Valentine’s Day ideas to show your lady how much you care. These ideas will require a little thought, good planning, and a little extra effort. In the end when you look into her eyes, she flashes that million watt smile, and she tells you how much she loved everything, and plants a big wet one on you, you will know how much you made her day. Lastly and most importantly no matter what you do for your lady on Valentine’s Day, be sure to look her in her eyes and tell her how much you love, appreciate, and adore her with the utmost sincerity. When she hears this, it’s almost certain she’ll be head over heels or remember why she fell in love with you to begin with. Remember guys, women fall in love between their ears not their eyes.

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