Vampire Face-Lift: Get Rejuvenated Skin with Your Own Blood

In need of a face-lift but want to skip the injections of fats, acids or other toxins into the body? A cosmetic procedure is available to patients who want to surgically reposition the facial tissues that have loosened over time. The Vampire Face-lift uses injections of the patient’s own blood through a technology known as Selphyl. This non-surgical procedure entails drawing blood from the arm. It is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the red blood cells. The platelets are then combined with a fibrin mixture before injecting them into the face in hopes of stimulating collagen production.

There are several benefits to obtaining a Vampire Face-lift procedure. Injections of the blood mixture cause no bruising as it is a thin, watery fluid. There is also no allergy testing required as the substance is the own person’s blood. Selphyl lasts an average of 15 months before having to acquire a repeat procedure. Patients can expect improve skin tone, clarity and volume. The procedure is non-invasive, similar to line plumpers, such as Radiesse. Side effects of the procedure are mild and may include redness around the injected areas.

Since the treatment relies on the person’s own blood cells to lift the skin, it will not add volume where there wasn’t volume before. It will only add volume to areas that had previously had volume. So if you want to have larger lips, this is not the procedure for you. Cost of the procedure ranges from $600 to $1,800 on average. The Vampire Face-lift takes several weeks to see results. Excess fluid is gone in approximately one day but the fibrin matrix takes several weeks to build up. Patients may be disappointed as the results are not comparable to traditional fillers that provide more efficient results.

Best Candidates
Selphyl is not the idea treatment for all types of wrinkles. There is not enough product to use the injections on a full face. It is generally better for volumizing thin areas that have more delicate lines. The Vampire Face-lift is also better for individuals with “crepey” skin or skin that has been affected by natural aging.

The Vampire Face-lift uses the process in which Selphyl is injected and is FDA approved. Not only can the injections be used to smooth wrinkles on the face but can be used on other areas of the body with decreased volume or wrinkles. Technology behind the Vampire Face-lift isn’t new. Physicians have been using one’s own plasma to aid in bone healing after spinal injuries and to help heal soft tissue after plastic surgery. Like any type of medical procedure, it’s important to conduct the proper research to see if it’s right for your personal circumstances.

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Vampire Facelift – Official Website

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