View of Beijing China from Fragrant Hills Park

Beijing China is a wondrous city of 20 million people and has something to offer everyone. Whether you enjoy history in the form of architecture, art, music, food or just old fashion exploring Beijing will satisfy all your desires.

Beijing is 1000’s of years old and has played a major role in Chinese’s history up to and including the modern era. Beijing is rich in historical sites that stretch back to the beginning of civilization and at the same time a most modern of cities that includes state of the art Olympic facilities and a modern mass transit system.

Beijing is home to a number of world class parks that provide acre after acre of beauty, plant life, history and relaxation. Strolling through the parks on a fall night you can hear traditional Chinese music as you walk along paths that circle lakes and ponds surrounded by traditional pagodas.

One of the loveliest parks is Fragrant Hills Park located northwest of the city. The park covers 395 acres and has a peak of 1827 feet that offers a breathtaking view of Beijing. The trip can be made via the subway to the Summer Palace and then taxi to the park.

The photo shown was taken from Incense Burner Peak. Pictured is a large panoramic shot of Beijing using stitching software. In center far left is Kunming Lake which is also the location of the Summer Palace. The hike to the top of the mountain was difficult but there is a tram available. Plan on an all day trip so you can enjoy the sights without rushing. The trip is well worth it and the view of Beijing is magnificent.


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