Vintage Movie Review: Little Nicky (2000) – a Guilty Pleasure – Adam Sandler Plays Childish Once More

Little Nicky 2000

Little Nicky is like watching a train crash. You just cant look away. The only different is that instead of being about the sad, its about the funny. Now, I cant really sit here and say that this is a great movie. Really, it is a movie that is just enough funny, for it not to be a bad flick. The acting is not above average and the story is barely believable. Yet, its still worth watching. Its difficult to explain, how it can be so mediocre and at the same time.. greatly entertainment. The best way to put it, is that its one of those movies that most people hate but to you.. it’s just a guilty pleasure.

What we are Talking About

Little Nicky is one of 3 son’s, that spawned from Satan. According to the story Satan is the son of the O.G. of evil.. Lucifer. Satan the current underworld dictator, feels that his time has come to pass the torch to one of his offspring. Seriously considering retirement, he comes to the conclusion that none of the evil offspring is up to the task of ruling for the next term of 10,000 years. According to the sultan of hell, who ever was to become the ruler, would have to have a proper perspective about whats going on between good and evil. Sort of a balance, rather than having an uncontrollable evil, have respect for what going on up there in heaven. First, we have son number one Cassius, who is number one in being big and muscle’s strong. How ever the dilemma is that he lacks balance of mind and goodness to deliver the goods. Second, we have pretty boy with an 80’s rock star look.. Adrian. He is very good looking and also has a good share of wits, yet he is even less of a balance because he completely lacks any goodness what so ever. At last, we are left with the kind and timid, little Nicky (Adam Sandler.) Now, with him, you do find goodness in a plentiful amount, but the problem is that he lacks any evil. Yet, dealing with his evil side, is inevitable because he must call it out. Nicky is forced with having to invoke his evil, as the plot thickens. Cassius and Adrain exit Hell, by that action they proceed to freeze a wall made of fire that permits damned souls to be raptured into Hell. Now that no souls can enter Hell, Satan begins a process that will turn him non-existent, unbelievable but indeed Satan is now at death’s door. The task now falls upon Nicky to save the day, by forcing his brothers to return to Hell, to halt the deconstruction that Lucifer’s son Satan has entered. The thing is that he has a time table of only a week, to battle Adrian and Cassius who hold greater power than he does.

Farfetched.. Maybe Funny.. Totally

I can only image.. you read the summary and then find out that this is an upcoming epic drama. That would be horrendous. Yet, thankfully this is a comedy. A comedy that makes no excuses about being stupid and always going for the stupid jokes. It truly is a step from being a bad movie. Yet, its like those bad movies that are so bad.. that its good. Right from the start of the movie, we find it charismatic and delightful. We never expect more from it, than what it shows.

If you have seen any of Adam Sandler’s previous movies, then you pretty much know what you will be getting. Like “Waterboy”, Sandler plays a character that has a sort of a speech impediment. Both characters are timid and struggling with a parent. (Plus.. screaming to get your sympathy) Also, like some of his previous movies, its not very smart.. altough they do hold a wink wink… you know were joking going on.

Adam Sandler

It is impossible not to like Nicky. Sandler plays a persona that is very funny and a person you can highly relate to. If you want to find a movie however that strives more to make intellectual funny, than stupid funny.. then you can check out other Adam Sandler films called “Punch Drunk Love” and “50 First Dates”.

Patricia Arquette

One actress coming from the Arquette farm, plays a delightful and sweet girl that makes this movie very light hearted and a feel good experience. Patricia Arquette (“True Romance” “Human Nature”) is Valerie Veran. She is the love interest for our main dude Nicky. She shines as the good girl that steals this bad (in the blood) boys heart.

Mr. Wolf

You cant speak about this movie without talking about Harvey Keitel. In a movie that is lacking much dramatic depth, he delivers a delightful portrayal of Satan. He shines as the evil doer and is refreshing in a movie that lacks actual star power.. Besides Sandler.

A Guilty Pleasure

“Little Nicky” is one of those movies that you don’t really seek out, but you keep on watching it every time its on cable. It is a very funny movie. Filled with charismatic personalities it is an entertaining success.. even if its box office success was one dollar short of an absolute disaster. When it comes to the funny.. it does deliver. It is good enough for those days when you have a moment to spare and want a nice little chuckle.

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