Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos, Hit or Miss?

When it comes to using any kind of temporary makeup, especially lip tattoos, there are a lot of qualities one must look for to actually enjoy the product. Violent Lips is a company that specializes in creating products that you would not normally find within other brands. Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos are applied and sealed using just water. Recently, when shopping at Sephora, I had the opportunity to try Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos to truly see what the hype was all about.


They come in an array of colors. They include Blue Glitterati, Gold Glitterati, Red Glitterati, Pink Glitterati and Silver Glitterati. Each color is pigmented and produces a great color payoff.

These temporary lip tattoos are infused and fortified with Vitamin E.

If you are one who appreciates the natural concept when it comes to cosmetics, you will definitely love this lip product because it is free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, fragrances, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan. Violent Lips also is vegan-friendly and does not test on animals.

Although this product has an adhesive, it is very easy to remove, especially with anything that is oil-based.


When you first try to apply Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos, you will have a little trouble. The application may appear easy, but it takes at least three tries to get these to go on your lips without a lot of effort.

Despite lasting relatively long, the longest they will last is about eight hours. These temporary lip tattoos come off really easy. In fact, the moment you eat anything that has any kind of oil base or compound, these temporary lip tattoos begin to come off.

I would not recommend this lip product to anyone with thin lips.

Each set includes three temporary tattoos for $15. If you are not willing to spend $5 per temporary lip tattoo, I highly doubt you will enjoy this addition to Violent Lips.

RATING – 72 percent

You can purchase Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos at your nearest Sephora retailer for $15. Would I recommend this lip product to a friend? Yes, but only to those looking for something that is novelty based. Would I use this lip product again? As much as I would love to say yes, no. Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos are great for novelty, but they are not practical and, therefore, are not good for overall wear.

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