Violet’s Dead? I’m Not Convinced

This week’s episode of American Horror Story has the fan community buzzing. I was comforted to see so many others disappointed with the reveal of Tate as the Rubber Man, and I like the idea floating around that there may be more than one occupant of the latex suit. Oh the possibilities…

Now to the main reason for this post – Wednesday’s Watch with Kristin report poses the theory that Violet is dead. The article provides some supporting evidence, but I think it’s all a bit of a stretch. The fact that she hasn’t been to school in two weeks is not indicative of her passing; Violet doesn’t make it a secret how much she hates school. Yes, Tate did mention that he thought it was “romantic” that the dearly departed Chad and Patrick were destined to haunt Murder House for the rest of eternity, but that doesn’t mean that he killed Violet (or didn’t really save her from the overdose a few episodes back). Tate has made it very clear that he doesn’t derive joy from murdering folks, and I’m sure it would be very difficult for him to put an end to Violet’s life.

Unless of course she tries to leave. He’s done a pretty good job of convincing her to stay and to vocally oppose her parents’ desire to sell Murder House, with her efforts climaxing this week as she sold her poor mother down the river to the looney bin. As long as she agrees to stay in the house, Tate has no reason to kill her. And, if I’m allowed to make another Twilight comparison, he might appreciate the fact that she is alive and try to keep her that way as long as possible.

My vote…Violet is alive and well, for now.

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