Virginia Beach with Teenagers

It is no secret that teens are not interested in heading out on a family vacation. Usually you get the eye rolling or the pouty face when you even mention the word family vacation. However, your teen will be thrilled with a trip to Virginia Beach.

Although the frown and cranky disposition may continue on the plane or in the car, you will notice that it will quickly disappear when you arrive in Virginia Beach. Taking your teens to Virginia Beach will get you an award for best vacation planner in no time!

Here are a few reasons why:

– What teen does not like music? Teens love to listen to music, whether in a car, on an ipod, or at a concert. Any place you find a teen, music is not far behind. Virginia Beach is no exception. There is plenty of live music happening here during the summer months. Most of the performances are free and the stages line the boardwalk. No matter your teens favorite genres, they are sure to find music that speaks to them.

Festivals – Virginia Beach has many festivals during the summer months. Most of the festivals are oceanfront, so the opportunity for socializing is high for teens. Festivals include a spectacular 4th of July celebration, an East Coast Surfing Championship and an American Music Festival. Festivals are a great place to meet people, and to enjoy music, food, and contests.

Recreation – The amount of recreational activities in Virginia Beach are immense. Not only will your teen love the beach, they can get involved in a sand soccer game or game of beach volleyball. If they like to surf or skimboard they can do that as well. There are also plenty of arcades and carnival like amusement parks located throughout the area. Rest assured that your teen will not be bored on your Virginia Beach vacation.

Shopping – A vacation is not complete for a teen until there is shopping. There are plenty of specialty shops and outlet malls available. No matter how avid a shopper you have, there is no way that they will be able to visit all of the shops in the Virginia Beach area.

Transportation – If you have older teens and they are able to head out on their own, they may want to drive. As a parent, this can make you a little nervous since this is a new location. Virginia Beach offers shuttle buses that go to the mall and comes back to oceanfront. The routes and stops are well marked and the ride is very inexpensive. Your teen will be happy with the freedom, and you can have some peace knowing that they are safe.

Traveling with teens can be interesting. They can try your patience and can make your vacation experience miserable. It doesn’t need to be this way if you plan a trip to Virginia Beach. You can have a family vacation and your teen can have some freedom and entertainment that will make them happy.

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