Visiting Graveyards to Find Information for Your Family Tree

When it comes to researching to find information about your family tree, you might not think about visiting the graveyard. I’m here to tell you though; it helped me out a lot. It was my father’s idea and I thought he was crazy, but after visiting the graveyards and getting all of the information, that was one of the best ideas ever! In this guide, we will discuss how to use the graveyard to benefit you in your search and tips on things to do when visiting the graveyard.

Things You Will Need

Let’s begin with the things you will need when visiting the graveyard. These things will help you greatly. If you have access to a voice recorder, carry it with you. Some MP3 players have voice recorders on them and you can use those. You may have to erase all of the music in order to have room to record your findings. If you have a large gb player, you probably won’t have to worry about deleting music unless it is full. If you don’t have a voice recorder or a MP3 player you can use, take a notepad and pen or pencil with you. It will take you a while to write things down, that’s why I recommend some type of voice recorder. Even if you do have a voice recorder, you will need a large notebook and binder so you can keep all of your findings in one place.

Visiting the Graveyard

First, you will need to plan out the graveyards you are planning to visit. If you know the people you are looking for, go ahead and write them down on your notepad before going to the graveyard. That way you know what you are looking for. Also plan out which graveyards you are going to visit and who are in those particular graveyards.

What You Will Get From the Graveyards

By visiting the graveyards, you will be able to find out the birth dates and date of deaths. These will benefit you greatly when you are doing your family tree research. To ensure that you have the right person, a birth date is a must. You may know the name of your great-grandparents, but you may not know their birth date and this is where visiting the graveyard will come in handy. Also, a lot of family members back in the day were all buried together, so this will help you find other members of the family. Knowing who the brothers and sisters are will also help you.

So, don’t get creeped out by the sound of visiting the graveyard because the dead can help you tremendously when it comes to researching your family tree.

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