Voldemort Costume: How to Dress like the Dark Lord

Call me dark, but my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series all originated in Slytherin. Some traditional favorites are Bellatrix Lestrange, Draco Malfoy, and Professor Umbridge. Every one of the “bad guys” in the Harry Potter series is hilarious and terrifying in his or her own unique way. But the most terrifying character of all is easily Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort. Since he is the most evil person or creature of all time, it stands to reason that Voldemort should be a Halloween fixture. If you really want to scare people this Halloween, you’ll dress up in a Voldemort costume. Here’s how:

Voldemort Mask vs Makeup

Unless you feel like chopping off your own nose, you are going to either need to buy a Voldemort mask or use makeup to minimize your nose. You can find a good Voldemort mask at any Halloween store. The problem with wearing a Voldemort mask is that it comes off looking silly instead of scary. If you wear makeup, you’ll still have a nose, but you’ll also have an easier time instilling fear in the hearts of your friends.

Start by applying white face paint all over your face and neck. Use a little red eyeliner or eye shadow to make your eyes look like those of the Dark Lord. Alternatively, you can invest in a pair of colored contacts to get the same effect. Finish with just a hint of blue under your eyes.

Hide Your Hair

In case you haven’t noticed, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named doesn’t have any hair on his head. To get the same effect, you’ll need to use a bald cap. Otherwise, you can always cover up your hair by putting up the hood on your robe.

Voldemort Costume Robes

To finish creating your Voldemort costume, you’ll need a long black robe. You can buy a robe at a costume store or try scouring your local consignment shop. Otherwise, it isn’t too difficult to make your own robe. The advantage to taking the DIY route is that you’ll most likely be able to reuse the robe for other Halloween costumes. Learn how to make a black robe here.

You can wear whatever you want under the robe, but I’d suggest going with black pants, black socks and a pair of sturdy black shoes. It’ll ruin the effect if your comfy red sweatpants show through. If it is cold out, feel free to wear a black fleece or sweatshirt underneath the Voldemort costume, as long as it isn’t too bulky.

For more Harry Potter costume ideas, see DIY Bellatrix Lestrange Costume and Narcissa Malfoy Costume Guide.

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