Volunteer in Mesa, AZ

Volunteering is an unmatched way to get involved in the community, have the great feeling of “giving back,” make new friends, and for some, maybe even plan a future. Mesa, Arizona has many great opportunities to get involved! Giving time for free can be very rewarding and worth-while-sometimes even creative and fun!

One great place to get started is with the city itself at the Red Mountain Multigenerational Center, guided by the city mission: “We serve our customers with integrity and professionalism while building strategic partnerships in support of the City’s mission” (mesaaz.gov). The Multigenerational center is a place for people of all ages to gather for events, exercise, sports, and fun. The friendly atmosphere is perfect to bring the kids or go to a “Zumba” class with some friends. There are some great volunteer positions available working with kids in the daycare center, a great way to get involved with youngsters and have some fun! The more adventuresome can belay on the rock climbing wall, helping kids and adults alike test their climbing skills.

A great opportunity for studious kids or teens, and in some cases even adults, is tutoring in a nearby school in Mesa. Mesa schools strives for “unprecedented excellence in education,” and sometimes that requires tutors (mpsaz.org). Look into neighborhood schools in Mesa and view their requirements and needs for tutors to help students study in a variety of subjects including math, reading, science, and english. This is a great way to work with kids or peer and have the warm feeling of helping someone succeed academically.

The best opportunity for animal-lovers is becoming a volunteer for Maricopa County Animal Control and Care. This is the Second largest shelter in the nation. Volunteers must go through an orientation, basic training, an interview, and hands on training. Many opportunities are available throughout the valley with the MCACC. Here volunteers can give back to their human and animal community by taking care of continuously growing amount of homeless pets, help homeless animals try and find a new home, and even help people of the community find a new companion. Many other opportunities in this field are also available. Be aware though, when volunteering here, some may never want to leave-at least without all the homeless animals packed in the back of their car!

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