Volunteer Opportunities in Southeast Georgia

CrossLink Missions
A brand new non profit organization interested in organizing camps and retreats for underpriviledged children. Their mission is to help individual people become self sufficient through support teams, community outreaches, camps and retreats by building self esteem, bringing value and truth to the lives of people in all walks of life.The organization also participates in outreaches that include giving out food to those who are in need. Contact Angel Sizemore for more information (904) 254-5163.

Vision Statement:
Linking Cultures together by meeting the individual needs of men, women and children of all ages, helping each person know their worth and purpose with unconditional love.

CKS Missions
This is a ministry that provides for children that want to play recreational sports but are unable to afford the registration fees and/or equipment and uniforms to do so. You can contact Jordan Sizemore for information at (912) 674-6679.

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