Wall Scrapbook: Treasures on the Wall

When I was a little kid I got a scrapbook for Christmas one year and I was crazy about it. I put in a scrap of fabric leftover from a dress my mom made me, a ribbon I won at school, and other, well, scraps. Nowadays scrapbooking is more about photos than anything. The people who make scrapbooks spend time enhancing the pages of photos with borders, frames, and other tidbits. But over a period of time, a person can end up with many small things, which have meaning to just the owner – things that might not fit in a traditional scrapbook. However, when you make a wall scrapbook with these types of treasures, you won’t have to worry that they won’t fit in a book.

Do you know what a slide sleeve is? It’s a page of clear pockets, which allow you to slide something into each one, and it’s sold at places where office supplies or school supplies are sold. They slide sleeve is cheap as can be yet perfect for making a wall scrapbook.

You can use a cork board, cardboard, or nothing at all, as the background for the slide sleeves. They’re easy to just tack to the mentioned materials or directly to a wall, using push pins. Align the slide sleeves side-by-side – and even in rows – depending on the layout that you want.

Slide flat to semi-flat items into the sleeves and display them on the wall. Things you can put into the clear pockets include a photo, a printed picture or poem, a silk flower or leaf, a feather, pine needles, a foam shape, written words, scrapbook papers or tags, a patch or applique, a fashion pin, a belt buckle , or even a dog collar. Simply slide one item – or more – into each pocket, creating the particular arrangement you want.

The wall scrapbook board can have a particular theme and you can display only things concerning that theme. For example, if the theme is a beach theme, just display photos of you and your family and/or friends at the beach, some seashells, and pieces cut from postcards, featuring beach themes. Or, if you want to make a camping scrapbook you could display some feathers, a badge, some pine needles, and some photos.

You don’t necessarily have to have a theme for the slide sleeves. You can just fill the clear pockets with things that have special meanings to you. That could be a folded handkerchief that was once your grandma’s, one of your mom’s recipes, a little note from a loved one, or another treasure.

The wall scrapbook just gets more attention than regular scrapbooks because it’s right there for all to see. It’s quick, cheap and easy to make, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get started right away!

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