Wardrobe Woes

Follow this guide to get started building the perfect day-to-day wardrobe. Even the most frustrated non-fashionista can follow these easy steps to making her wardrobe fabulous!


The blazer is the ideal classic piece to any woman’s wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down depending on where you are going and is so incredibly easy to wear. In the summer, I throw my blazer on over a cute dress in order to keep my shoulders warm on those chilly evenings and add an edgier feel to a flirty number. In the winter, I like to pair it with a cute pair of skinny jeans, an awesome pair of boots, a t-shirt and a cozy scarf. You name the outfit – the blazer completes it. If you have a less than perfect figure, it flatters your curves. If you have no figure, the blazer gives you a waste. Go, now and invest in a great blazer – you will not regret it.


Camisoles are the perfect layering item. A camisole covers the “goodies” when you favorite shirt may plunge a little low for comfort. If you want to wear something light underneath a heavier garment – a camisole is there. If you need something to wear under the transparent top you paid $150 for and just can’t take back – a camisole is there. If you’re feeling a little bloated and want your tummy to look a little more smooth under that t-shirt – the camisole is there. Invest in 2 or 3 camisoles in different colors and keep them handy. If you want to jazz it up a bit, feel free to grab a few camis with a little trimming like lace or eyelets. Always make sure though that the camisole covers the tummy and holds in the girls – the camisole may be a good looker but it is no miracle worker if it fits improperly or gives away the goodies (if you know what I mean).

Pair of Jeans

Ah, the jeans. It seems that everywhere you go, the stores are trying to tell you they’ve discovered the perfect jean for everyone. The truth is, jeans are hard to find; however, when you find the perfect pair of jeans, you will be in denim heaven. Always remember that it may be worth it to splurge a little on a great pair of jeans and that jeans are easy to have altered or hemmed to better fit your figure. Also – unless you’re under the age of 15, forgo the bedazzled denim. It is not cute, pretty, or trendy to see any woman over the age of 15 with a bejeweled hiney.

Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is perfect for adding a little attitude to so much of your wardrobe. For example, add it to the pencil skirt to give the skirt a less formal feel. Add the jacket to the little black dress and you’ve got a cute way to wear your favorite dress to a not so dress-friendly event. PLUS – a denim jacked is nearly impossible to ruin so feel free to chase those kids around the playground in the delightfully durable ensemble.

Pencil Skirt

I would consider the pencil skirt to be the single most important element of any woman’s wardrobe. The pencil skirt can be dressed up or down, paired with a button-up or a t-shirt, and flatters almost any body type. Whether you are chasing your kids around the grocery store or going out on the town with your man, the pencil skirt is the perfect complement to any wardrobe or, let’s face it, any tush.

White/Black T-Shirts

If you didn’t know that black and white t-shirts were not going to be a wardrobe basic, you are in so much more need of fashion help that I could possibly have imagined. Especially for a mom, the t-shirt is the perfect out and about piece. Despite my delight in the style staple, go for the solid tees and avoid the flowered Hello Kitty messes that screams “I’m hanging on to my childhood!” You’re a woman and you owe it to yourself (and your kids…and your husband…and everyone else) to work your womanhood and embrace the fact that you’ve matured beyond age 10.

White/Black Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Does exactly what the short sleeve t-shirt does except in a warmer way. These shirts are also great for layering (hint hint: try it under a blazer).

White Button Up Shirt

A white button up can be one of the sexiest, yet most professional, pieces in any woman’s wardrobe. Throw a cami under it and take those kids to see your mother-in-law or wear it with that great pencil skirt and wide belt and take that hubby of yours out on the town. Either way, the button up shirt is great. I would invest in several styles of the button up shirt too. For example, I like to have a boyfriend style button-up shirt that I wear with skinny jeans and heels and I like to have a more fitted version to wear with my skirts or under a v-neck sweater. This shirt, like a great pair of jeans, may be difficult to find but keep in mind that whoever does your alterations, may be able to custom-make one for you – it never hurts to ask.

Neutral Color Cardigan

The cardigan is the perfect piece for any mom. It is versatile, comfortable and can make your t-shirt and jeans look a little more put together than, well, a t-shirt and jeans. Play with the different styles of cardigans available. The cardigan is a must-have for anyone on the go that doesn’t want to always worry about taking on and off a jacket or blazer.

Black Dress

Need I say more? Always, always, always have that little black dress on standby. Dress it down with that denim jacket or cardigan for a day around town with the kids OR add some killer heels and a great necklace to transition into date night or girl’s night out. A little black dress will always be in style for any woman – mom or not. Keep in mind though that the little black dress doesn’t always have to be, well, little. The dress should fit properly and flatter your unique figure. An empire waist will flatter the fuller woman, whereas, a shift dress will look smashing on the more petite woman.

Wardrobe Foundations: Recommended Additions

Black Pumps

Gold/Black Flats

Wide Belt

Skinny Belt

Pair of Skinny Jeans

Diamond Stud Earrings

Gold/Black Sandals

Fitted Undergarments

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