Watch Korean Horror Movies and TV for a Real Scare

Korean horror might be scary enough for the most devoted horror fans. Each summer Korean film and TV producers aim to create a new level of fear. Using the drama of deep human emotions, they explore the feelings of futility that drive humans into despair. Don’t worry though; Korean producers still add gore and startles for maximum emotional impact. For fans new to Korean horror, here are a few of my favorite TV shows and movies to watch.

Possessed (2009)

Korea released this series with the name Hon, which means soul. After the tragic murder of a teenage girl, the twin sister starts seeing ghosts. This disturbing and complex TV series has multiple sub stories that begin and end throughout the entire series. The supernatural combines with the psychological horror, family drama, and gruesome murder. It’s an incredible series. Watch Possessed on

The Cat (2011)

The Cat isn’t just scary, it’s horrifying. A woman with claustrophobia must face her fears after adopting a murder victim’s cat. With creepy moments and impressive startles, the main characters struggle to solve the mystery of strange and brutal murders. See The Cat movie trailer.

White: The Melody of the Curse (2011)

Natural human desire for success is the catalyst for the horror and death in this interesting film. The frustrated members of a girl’s band, Pink Dolls, keep losing first place to better bands. After finding the music video of an incredible song called White, they steal the song. The song’s original singer is jealous and angry, so she’s making the girls suffer. Watch the trailer.

Vampire Prosecutor (2011)

For vampire fans, this TV series is a great introduction in the Korean genre of the undead. As a new vampire, the prosecutor must hide the reason for his unusual success. Drinking the victim’s blood lets him see the actual crime through the victim’s eyes. Without the vampire element, this series would still be a great crime show. Watch the Vampire Prosecutor series.

4 Horror Tales – Forbidden Floor (2006)

Forbidden Floor is a more traditional ghost story set in an apartment building. Min-young, a struggling single mother, moves into a quiet apartment building. It’s not long before her young daughter becomes moody and disobedient. When her daughter disappears, Min-young discovers a hidden floor in the building. The unusual and shocking ending to this horror story made it one of my favorite movies. Watch the Forbidden Floor trailer.

Here is a tip to understanding and enjoying Korean horror. Never look away from the screen, a second could be crucial to the plot. I also enjoyed watching these popular Korean horror films: A Tale of Two Sisters (2003), Uninvited (2003), and Phone (2002). You can begin exploring Korean horror at,,, and

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