Water Purifiers Price an Affordable Range

Pure Water to drink, one of basic necessities, is fast getting a scarce commodity. Increasing pollution and global warming has made it difficult to procure pure drinking water. Though water is treated at treatment plants, people do not get pure water a in their homes due to mixing of many impurities in the water pipelines. However, with water purifiers installed in homes and offices, most people are drinking safe water. These devices are offering peace of mind to the consumers.Though in earlier times too, people used to filter water using different types of traditional filters, these purifiers are designed with latest technologies. There are many brands that are offering variety of water purifiers. The most popular among all the brands is eureka Forbes water purifier. Apart from eureka Forbes water purifier, you can get information about Kent water purifier’s price also.

When planning to buy water purification system, gather some information about different types of filters available in the market and their features. Pre-filter purification refers to the micron pre-filter that removes silt, dust and dirt particles from water. Candle filter purification contains a special multi layer micro porous candle filter that removes all the impurities. Sediment filters impurities like silt, sand and carbon fines.These are mainly used as pre-filters to RO systems. There is activated carbon filter that maintains the taste and odor of the water. It removes chlorine and other organic matter that makes water bitter tasted. Reverse osmosis or RO removes the dissolved impurities from water with the help of a semi-permeable membrane. In this system, there is a reversal of flow through a membrane from high salinity solution to the high purity. It removes impurities as well as desalinizes the water.

Ultra violet filtration is the most popular water purification system used in India. It removes solids above the size of size 0.005-0.1 microns. In addition, it removes bacteria and viruses.Eureka Forbes water purifier is an ultraviolet water filter.Non electric water purifier is available in two types; online and offline. Fixed at the mouth of the tap and are portable. They run without electricity. This plastic filter has a candle with resin filter that needs to change every month.

Storage type of offline water filters does not need any electricity or pluming to filet r the water. They have a combination of sediment filters and activated carbon filters.Before purchasing any water filter method, it is better to get your water tested for the amount of impurities present in it. You should choose a type of water purifier according to your requirements.

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