Waxing Vs. Shaving: The Great Debate

Hair removal, for a large portion of women in America, is just part of life. Nevertheless, many women find themselves debating between shaving and waxing. Shaving might be more annoying and tedious, having to be done more often than waxing, but waxing can be painful. The debate between waxing and shaving can feel like a toss-up at times, however, here’s the pros and cons of both.

Shaving is favored by a large portion of women when it comes to hair removal. After all, shaving is a relatively simple process; you move a specially designed razor across your skin and the blade quickly (and painlessly) trims hair at the skin level. Ygotta B. expresses her enthusiasm for shaving, “having is fast, easy, cheap and painless! “

Shaving might be preferable for some women because of how simple it is. Shaving can be done easily during your normal bath or shower routine and doesn’t require a large amount of time dedicated to hair removal at ones. Shaving razors may also be less expensive than scheduling an appointment to have your legs waxed.

Shaving, however, can become quite costly, especially if you use the higher end razors, rather than the single use disposable razors.Additionally, shaving can cause skin irritations, cuts and ingrown hairs. Some women find themselves annoyed with having to shave so frequently.

Waxing is a little more complicated than shaving and involves the application of hot wax to the skin and then a strip is applied on top of the layer of wax forming a bond. The strip is than pulled off quickly, the hair along with it. Cara W. explains why waxing is more cost effective, ” Waxing lasts longer and actually evens out to be close to the same cost [as shaving] over time and requires much less effort on my part.”

Waxing can provide smooth, sexy legs for as long as 6-8 weeks. There is no daily or weekly upkeep needed with waxing. Waxing can, depending on how rapid your hair grows, even save you money when compared to the money you would have spend on razors. Waxing also eliminates that rough bristly feeling that leg hairs get after they start to grow back a couple days after shaving.

Waxing can, however, be quite painful.The hair removal process in waxing can hurt, and in some women, can even cause bruising. Angeline H. experiences bruising, ” Waxing bruises me now matter which brand or what method.” Additionally, professional waxing services can be expensive and at home waxing kits can be messy and difficult to use.

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