Ways to Furnish a Bedroom With Sharply Angled Walls

Angled walls add architectural appeal to upstairs bedrooms, but they take up a lot of square-footage. Depending upon the degree of the angle, a structure of this style can waste a tremendous amount of floor space, especially in a bedroom. It is difficult to furnish an A-shaped bedroom. Vertical spaces are in high demand since most furniture cannot be placed against sharply angled walls. Headroom is limited to the center of the space, but harsh angles can work with the right furnishings and a little ingenuity.

My first house had an upstairs bedroom with sharply angled walls, and I had to find ways to furnish the space for my two oldest boys. The wall across from the door had a window in the center, and the window added to the problem. Bunk beds and other types of tall furniture were out of the question. I found other options to furnish the bedroom for my boys.

Use my ideas on ways to furnish a bedroom with sharply angled walls, and make the most of your available floor room and wall space. Furnishings do not have to be limited to the center of the bedroom. It can be a highly functional and beautifully decorated part of the home.

Use Low-Profile Twin Beds to Furnish the Bedroom

When my boys were too young for bunk beds and too big for their cribs I decided to furnish the bedroom with low-profile twin beds. Since their bedroom had sharply angled walls I was able to make the most of the available floor space with new beds. I placed the headboards against the vertical portion of the wall with the window in the center. The beds fit perfectly against the sharply angled walls since they were lower in height than ordinary beds.

Furnish the Center of the Bedroom with Bunk Beds

The boys eventually outgrew their low-profile twin beds, and I decided to furnish the bedroom with a set of sturdy oak bunk beds. I placed the bunk beds in the center of the room. Furnishings do not have to line the walls in any room, especially a bedroom with sharply angled walls.

The window was not visible from the doorway, but it did not matter. The bunk beds did not block the incoming light. I provided the boys with comfy floor pillows, a wall-mounted television and modular freestanding shelves for their clothes and other belongings.

Add Built-In Angled Shelving to Fit the Space

Although I chose to furnish the bedroom with modular shelving, I needed to add a place to display their model car collection. Since two walls were sharply angled I could not use them for hanging anything. I still had a bare wall to furnish, and it was the ideal place for shelves.

I chose built-in angled shelving. I had my former husband trim the ends of the shelves to fit the sharply angled walls. I mounted the shelves approximately six-inches apart beginning approximately four feet from the floor. The shelves provided a great way to furnish the bedroom with decor the boys loved.

The Bedroom Can Adapt to your Changing Needs

These creative ways to furnish and arrange the bedroom worked out beautifully, and the boys loved their A-shaped space. We traded in the bunk beds after one of my boys moved out of the home, but the shelves and freestanding storage cubes remained. The way in which I chose to furnish and decorate their room with sharply angled walls grew with my kids.

One of my sons currently owns the home, but the layout has not changed. Although he has moved across the loft to the master bedroom, he still uses his old bedroom with sharply angled walls. It has become a display place for his car collection and other items of interest that were saved and treasured over the years.

Source: Personal and Professional Decorating and Interior Design Experience

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