Ways to Organize and Store Gift Wrap

Gift wrap can become a huge mess, especially when it is not stored in an organized fashion. Rolls of paper can end up a wrinkled mess, bows are inadvertently smashed and ribbons turn into a snarled unusable cluster that can never be disentangled. It is not necessary to buy specialty containers to organize and store wrapping paper and accessories. Use these budget ways to organize and store gift wrap, and make use of over-the-door racks and options for holding everything from rolls of ribbon to scissors.

Buy an Over-the-Door Kitchen Pantry with Adjustable Wire Shelves

Ready-made gift wrap holders are generally more expensive than alternate options, and they are not always practice. For example, the plastic varieties with the flip-up tops do not offer room for bags, tissue paper and other accessories. The extras end up wrinkled or smashed in the bottom of the container. Use an over-the-door kitchen pantry with adjustable shelves instead. Remove center shelves, and use the bottom one to organize and store gift wrap. The other shelves can be used to organize and store accessories using the following easy methods.

String Spools of Ribbon on Ribbons

Spools of ribbon are hard to contain, but they can be held securely in the aforementioned organizer. Tie ribbon to one end of a wire shelf and string spools of ribbon onto the ribbon. Tie the other end to the opposite side of the wire shelf. The spools will remain in place, and the ribbon can be cut off as needed. Nothing will become tangled in the process.

Hang a Variety of Scissors with S Hooks

When looking for easy ways to organize and store gift wrap, hang a variety of scissors from S hooks. Use the hooks to organize and store decorative-edged scissors and the usual variety. When trying to wrap a gift you will never have to go searching for scissors again.

Store Gift Tags in Clear Containers

Gift tags are a fantastic alternative to greeting cards, and it is possible to store and organize them along with wrap and other supplies. Use clear plastic containers to hold tags for various occasions, and be sure to label the containers accordingly. They will be visible at a glance, and they can be used to add the finishing touch to all types of gifts.

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