Wedding Invitation Trends for Spring 2012

A wedding invitation is often the first glimpse into the theme of the overall celebration. This can cause some anxiety for brides trying to pick the “perfect” invitation to set the tone for their wedding. The choices can be overwhelming, especially for brides (like myself) that never put much thought into wedding stationary before they got engaged. Need inspiration? Check out this list of invitation trends for spring 2012.


The number of envelopes required for traditional invitations threatens to overwhelm an eco-concious bride like myself. So I love the pocket invitation trend. It allows the main invite page to shine while including space for all your other pertinent information. Stick RSVP cards, wedsite info and directions into the pocket and fold the whole thing up into one envelope.

Bold Colors

Invitations don’t have to be white. Or cream, eggshell, or lily. Color has been an invite trend for several years, but in 2012 bold colors rule. Deep blues and greens and vibrant reds and oranges often reflect the couple and their wedding more than pastels ever could. My invitations are navy blue, a color that has always been my favorite and will feature heavily in the rest of the wedding decor. The hot colors for spring are deep purples and vibrant yellows, although not necessarily together!

Personal Details

Tetris and bicycles. How ’bout fireflies or wine bottles? Invites today are all about personality. It’s not just about the wedding its self, but the couple that’s getting married. Love your dog? Put him on your wedding invite! You and the hubby are gamers? Why not a WoW or Super Mario invite? Your loved ones probably already know about your kooky habits, so it’s not going to come as a huge surprise to get a motorcycle or electric guitar invitation in the mail.

Nature-Themed Invites

The great outdoors are going to show up on many invitations in 2012. Stationary with trees, leaves, grass and flowers play into the outdoors-y, rustic vibe that many brides try to achieve. Animals, especially birds such as owls and cute little song birds are also great options for clean, colorful designs. My own wedding invitations feature a peacock feathers, and our cake-toppers will be ravens!

Movie Posters and Comic Books

If the invitation truly sets the tone for the wedding, then sometimes a standard little card isn’t going to cut it. For couples that want to rock out, a movie or concert poster-themed invite sets the tone for a kick ass party. I’ve seen invites inspired by Beatles album covers, rave posters and comic book action heroes . When you decide to break out of the norm for your wedding, go all out.

Pop-up Invitations

No matter how original the invitation theme or colors are, a piece of paper is still flat. Add depth and hop on the 3D trend with pop-up invitations. Several invitation companies have started offering pop-up invitations, or you can make your own if you’re crafty. The great part about pop-up invitations is that they work just as well for formal stationary as they do for simple invites.

Emailed Invites

Technology is making it easier to make your own wedding invitation movies and flash videos. Miss Manners might find an email invite tacky, but it’s only because she hasn’t seen this adorable invitation . While it’s always worth it to keep in mind the tech-challanged among your potential guests, these days even Grandma has an email address. Paperless invites are cheaper and greener than conventional wedding stationary, and open up a wide range of opportunities for personalization.

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