Week 2 NFL Predictions and Picks (2011)

The NFL week 2 predictions and picks are here. There are some teams that really need to post wins this week, especially after losses in the first week of the schedule. The Pittsburgh Steelers, St. Louis Rams, and Dallas Cowboys all need wins in order to keep the fans happy. Several other teams, like the Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, and Cincinnati Bengals are out to prove that first week wins weren’t flukes.

Below are the picks and predictions for week 2 in the NFL schedule, even if some of those picks are slanted by being a fan of the Seattle Seahawks. It’s tough to be loyal sometimes, but it is probably necessary to point that out with the game against Pittsburgh taking place on the road this week. There are a few upsets predicted in the mix as well as a few teams that appear heading towards a 0-2 record after the first two game.

Week 2 Picks:

Kansas City at Detroit
Winner: Detroit Lions

Oakland at Buffalo
Winner: Buffalo Bills

Tampa Bay at Minnesota
Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chicago at New Orleans
Winner: New Orleans Saints

Baltimore at Tennessee
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland at Indianapolis
Winner: Cleveland Browns

Jacksonville at New York Jets
Winner: New York Jets

Seattle at Pittsburgh
Winner: Seattle Seahawks

Arizona at Washington
Winner: Washington Redskins

Green Bay at Carolina
Winner: Green Bay Packers

Dallas at San Francisco
Winner: Dallas Cowboys

San Diego at New England
Winner: New England Patriots

Houston at Miami
Winner: Houston Texans

Cincinnati at Denver
Winner: Denver Broncos

Philadelphia at Atlanta (Sunday Night Football)
Winner: Philadelphia Eagles

St. Louis at New York Giants (Monday Night Football)
Winner: New York Giants

Week 2 Schedule

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