Welcome Home Amanda Knox – Now Stay Put!

Welcome home Amanda Knox! It has been four years since you stepped foot on American soil. The best thing that you can do now is turn in your passport to the State Department. I hope you have no travel plans because if you leave this country, you might just land yourself back in an Italian jail cell.

In the coming months, an appeal will be filed that will try to bring Knox back to Perugia and the prosecution will stop at nothing to see the person that they painted as a vixen and a devil spend the rest of her life in a cage. However, are these legal games providing justice for the murder victim, Meredith Kercher? I sincerely doubt it. This case has become more of a tabloid spectacle instead of a lesson in international legal systems of justice.

When the appeal is filed and the Italian government seeks to have Knox return to Italy, this will become a test for President Obama’s administration. Because the United States and Italy have a standing extradition treaty, the United States normally would return Knox to Italy to stand trial in the final appeals case. However, I believe that an advocacy effort will develop to ensure that Knox remain here in this country. If the United States government takes the position that the facts of her case do not stand justification for extradition, the Obama Administration can refuse to send Knox back to Perugia. However, that opportunity for protection would not exist if Knox traveled outside America.

Sabin’s Point: Amanda Knox should keep her feet on U.S. soil in order to remain hopeful in maintaining her renewed freedom. If she feels compelled to continue to enjoy Italian culture, she could benefit from hanging out with the cast of the Jersey Shore. I say this in jest of course as maybe the Jersey Shore folks could stand to learn from a “non-guidette” that is more cultured and knowledgeable of Italian heritage. But, given Knox’s prior experience with roommates, they may not want her to live in their house.

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