Welcome Home, My Christmas Love!

Michael Lambert was a simple guy with a big imagination. In school he was considered the “odd one” and was teased a lot for his love for science. He had a few friends but his best friend was Krissy. Krissy lived three houses down the street from him and they rode the bus to and from school everyday. Michael and Krissy would play almost everyday until the street lights came on. Krissy called Michael’s name so much that she nicknamed him Mike. Eventually she slipped up and called him Mike at school and all of his classmates and friends thought his new name was cool. They quit teasing him and the name Mike followed him all through grade school. Krissy and Mike were the best of buddies until they started growing up and then they would just talk at school and sometimes on the bus.

As Senior year went on Mike started seeing Krissy as more than just a friend. He always thought she was very pretty but it had gotten to a point where when he was around her he would get butterflies in his stomach and he would start to sweat. He began to have a crush on her but that didn’t matter to him because he felt like he wasn’t good enough for her. Mike was just a normal guy that brought home a GPA of 3.5 and Krissy had dated two captains of the football team and a president of the Senior class since the ninth grade. Mike had decided that he would not even try to tell Krissy how he felt, fearing rejection.

One day they were walking home from the bus and Krissy turned to Mike and said, “Mike, you know prom is one month away.” Mike replied, “Yeah, I know, I’m not going.” “Why? It’s our senior year!” Krissy shouted. “I’m just not into that and plus, I don’t have a date.” Krissy sighed, “Yeah, I don’t have one either.” Mike looked at Krissy and said, “Your Prince Charming is on his way and I am sure you will have a beautiful time. See you tomorrow, Krissy.” Standing at the end of her driveway, she watched Mike walk down the street to his house wondering why he didn’t ask her to the prom and pondering if he liked her or not. He only had one girlfriend through school so she doesn’t know if he is not ready to date or if he is just not into her. As Mike makes it to his driveway she walks up her driveway mumbling to herself, “If he does not ask me out by graduation, I am leaving the state to go to college.”

Graduation came and gone and still no date from Mike. Krissy got her letter of acceptance in the mail and due to a program she signed up to participate in she had to leave a month after graduation. A day before she left she told herself she would give Mike one last chance to pursue her. Krissy walked down the street to Mike’s house and luckily she caught him outside washing his car. “Hey, Mike!” she said walking up his driveway. “Hey, Krissy!” he replied. “I leave for college tomorrow.” “Congratulations, Krissy! I wish you the best of luck! Keep in touch.” Mike said as he sprayed water on his chrome wheels. Walking backwards slowly Krissy replied, “Yeah, thank you!” Krissy turned around and started walking back down the street disappointed with the outcome. Mike stopped washing his car to watch Krissy walk down the street wondering why did he just let her go like that. Krissy was always the most beautiful girl in the world to Mike but he just didn’t have the courage to tell her. After that day Krissy never came home to visit so he never saw her again.

Ten years passed but a day didn’t go by that he didn’t think about Krissy. Mike went to a University close to home earning a Bachelor and Master Degree in Science. Mike went on to work in a Laboratory on the other side of town finding cures for diseases making $300,000 a year. Mike had a four bedroom house, a Rolls Royce, and all the things money can buy but no one to share it with. After Krissy left Mike tried to move on and met a lady in college. They got married but it didn’t last. He filed for divorce and received his final papers in the mail five days before Christmas.

After a long day of hard work Mike finally sits down to watch the news when he hears a knock on the door. He opens it and it’s Krissy. “Hey, Krissy! What are you doing here?” Mike yelled with a big smile on his face. “Hey, Mike! How are you!” Krissy asked. “I’m doing good. How are you? I see you’re still as beautiful as I remember you.” Krissy turns away getting teary eyed thinking to herself that he should have told her that ten years ago. “What are you doing here?” Mike asked. “I’m here for Christmas.” Krissy stated. “Are you hungry? I would really like to take you out tonight. Is that okay?” “Yeah! Sure! Let me go change my clothes.” Krissy stated excited that she’s finally getting the date she wanted ten years ago. “Okay, I will pick you up in 30 minutes.” “Okay, see you then,” Krissy said walking back down the street.

Mike was outside Krissy’s house 26 minutes later pick her up. He took her to a jazz club that had a restaurant inside where they ate and danced until the club closed. Mike dropped Krissy back home and walked her to her door. “Thank you for tonight. I had a nice time.” Krissy said. “When can I see you again?” Mike asked Krissy. Krissy explained, “I have to help my mom grocery shop and get the house ready for my aunt coming in from out of town. I will come over Christmas night.” “I will be waiting.” Mike said as he leaned over to give her a kiss. When Mike kissed Krissy she felt as if her heart melted right onto the ground. Mike walked to his car and she watched him drive off from inside her screen door. Krissy was very excited about her next date and felt Christmas could not have been more perfect.

Christmas night arrives and Mike puts the finishing touches on him and Krissy’s special night as he waits for her to arrive. Minutes later he hears a knock at the door and it’s Krissy. He opens the door. “Hey! Am I late?” Krissy asks. “No, not at all. Come in and follow me.” Mike said inviting her in and closing the door behind her. Mike led her to the back patio where he had a fire going and candles lit. He sat her down on one of the lounge chairs and grabbed them a cup of hot chocolate that he made. Mike and Krissy sat outside by the fire exchanging conversation. Right in the middle of Krissy talking, “Can I ask you something?” Mike says. “Uh, yes, go ahead.” Krissy said feeling rudely interrupted. Mike took Krissy’s almost empty cup of hot chocolate and sat it to the side. He stood in front of her, and got down on one knee, looked in her eyes and said, “Krissy, I have had a crush on you since high school and I have always been in love with you. It hasn’t been a day that went by that I didn’t think about you. If you give me a chance, I promise you I can be the man you want me to be.” Mike looked down as he dug in his pocket for the box with a $50,000 ring inside he bought for Krissy from Zales. Mike pulled the box out of his pocket and Krissy screamed, “Oh my Goodness!” “This ring can be yours if you move back home to be with me.” Mike told her. “Well, it looks like I’m coming home.” Mike puts the ring on her finger and they shared a passionate hug and several passionate kisses. From that Christmas day on, they were never apart again.

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