What Does Prosperity Mean in the Christian Context?

The word of God assures us about the love of our Lord through His son Jesus Christ, who underwent humiliation, and suffered on the cross, that we may prosper in His hands.

Prosperity has been misunderstood due to lack of knowledge and wisdom among Christians, such that con preachers have taken advantage of this ignorance to further exploit Christians, using the very word of God.

Prosperity is for those who immerse themselves in the Lord.

Jesus says, He is the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6). He also says, if you abide in Me and my word in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you (John 15:7).

These two scriptures speak volumes, why is it that Christians pray for prosperity but they do not get it?

We ask for wrong reasons. God knows the deepest intents of our hearts. We ask for selfish reasons, and many times, at the expense of others. We ask only for ourselves. We lack maturity to handle that which we ask for. Many are the times that we do not know how to handle ourselves with what we are asking for. Lack of maturity will definitely make us move father from God. We only remember God in times of need, but in times of plenty we are further from God. We forget to be grateful for the little we have.

However, just as the scriptures say, whatever we desire, we shall have, for as long as we abide in Him. In light of these scriptures, one part of ourselves has to be addressed. This is the need to die to self. In everything we do or ask, we need to remember that the glory goes to the Lord our God. To be prosperous, we must never take the glory to ourselves, and must remember to give as well.

Prosperity is beyond material world

Prosperity goes beyond material world. Many are the times when we limit prosperity to physical things. We claim that those who have prospered are living large, having big houses, many good cars, going to very expensive schools, and so on.

Prosperity by definition means, to succeed or flourish, not only financially, but in everything you do or have.

It refers to good health and wellness, happiness and joy in the Lord even during hard times, it refers to academic excellence, family unity, wisdom and knowledge, any just about anything.

It goes to the extent of reflecting Godliness at all times, radiating with joy in your life, while others are gloomy and self-absorbed in the cares of the world, (The rich also cry)

Prosperity goes to the extent of having the ability to forgive others; irrespective of the nature of wrong they did to you. It gives you freedom, from fear confidence to face the unknowns in life. You must have come across somebody who is always smiling, always confident, and always optimistic, even when the situation is at odd. 3rd John 2 says, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things, and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”

The kingdom of Heaven is at hand

The kingdom of heaven is right here, with all its glory, waiting for us to take advantage of it and immerse ourselves in it, only if you hide yourself in the word of God. The most precious thing we have is NOW, not yesterday, nor tomorrow, for yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never promised. Just as the five wise brides prepared in time, so do we that we may take hold of that which Christ has already laid hold for us.

In everything, let’s give thanks, let pray continually, even more when God blesses us, for everything blessing comes with a responsibility. Let pursue the will of God above our own will and prosperity will surely be on your way.

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