What Exactly is in America’s Drinking Water Supply?

It is a basic human right to have clean water no matter where a person lives, however, in the United States it should be understood that through virtue of its technology, high standards of human rights, financial empowerment of its people and our government’s purpose is to serve the greater need of its citizens make this country’s governing providences more than capable to address the needs of its citizens, including making sure all water is safe to consume, Water is definitely the most important building block of the human body and the purity of this life-giving element should be of the upmost importance.

There are many more toxins and bacterium that exist in our water from many other sources like pesticides, industrial runoff, human wastes, and other matter. Of concern amongst many environmentalists is a common pesticide known as Atrazine, the most commonly used pesticide by professional landscapers and agricultural growers in the United States. According to many studies, Atrazine was shown to cause breast and prostate cancer, as well as non-Hodgkin’s and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In order to establish what bacterium or toxins are in your local water supply, seek out the EPA’s reports on the internet to find what the findings were for the local water municipality testing. The EPA must investigate the local water municipalities and report their findings on their website to the public, so the information is immediately available to you about what is in your water at just a click of the button.

Another alarming fact is that our local drinking water might have a high potential of contamination from pharmaceuticals. A common practice in the medical community is to dispose all expired medications by either flushing down the toilet or washing it down the drain. The problem with this method of disposal is that your local water company cannot filter medications from your water supply and most likely millions who drink water from the tap are accidentally ingesting minute quantities of medications. Currently, there are no safety limits on drugs in drinking water, and few municipal water authorities even test for their presence at extremely low levels. Many parents of infants use concentrated formula and mix it with tap water because this method is cheaper than the regular formulas that come in cans. Therefore by using tap water that may contain possible traces of steroids and other drugs that might be accidentally introduced into a small infant who has no defenses to fight off the residuals.

Human beings should not have to be concerned about consuming bacteria, toxins or any other alien substances from our water supply. Buying bottled water should never be an alternative to what is our government’s responsibility to guarantee our drinking water supply. The consumption of water out of the tap should be as trusted as anything we buy bottled; it is a fundamental and basic human right to demand that government develops more initiative to secure the public health and safety. Until the citizens address their concerns to their government, there can be no guarantee that the glass of water we are drinking is safe and free from toxins.

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