What If We Could?

What if we could never die?

Stranded on the island that is the eternity of living

Surrounded by a sea of people

Alone to suffer our fate as we watch each wave crest fall die out and begin anew. The constant drumming, the roar of the waves pounding on our ears




Until we can take no more

Sweat death welcome us into your lips

Yet they are sealed, pinning us to our island

Our lonely island in the sea of people we wish to never have to meet

Yet that we have to meet

And greet

And get to know

Just long enough to see not only that they go, but without us.

To meet you again my young friend would be a blessing, but this curse

What if we could meet again? My young friend,

But I am afraid that I lie here, welcoming the darkness that never comes in my world of eternal day, the day with the drumming waves that are




Into the next day, break or no break.

What if we could never die?

Farewell my young friend,

My wave of hellos

My meets

My greets,

My get to knows

My wave of good day

My wave of goodbye

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