What Should I Write About? Some Popular and Hot Topics to Write About

One of the best ways to get more traffic to your articles, website, or blog is to have an interesting topic that will attract reader attention. If you often find yourself wondering what to write about, it’s a good idea to think about writing evergreen topics – topics that are useful and important now, in the future, and throughout the year. Here are some hot and popular topic ideas to consider to get you started.

The Topic of Weight Loss

Weight loss and fitness are good topics to think about writing about because they are always changing and always in need. People today are of course very interested in staying in shape, looking thin, and staying healthy – consider writing about such topics and new ways to lose weight, for example, to make the most traffic and money.

The Topic of Making Money

Another hot and popular evergreen topic is about making money. People always want to find out more reasons to make money, so writing articles, websites, or blogs about commercial, new ways of making money are great ideas to get you more page views. From a self run business to starting a blog, writing about tips on making money is a good idea.

The Topic of Recipes or Cooking

Considering writing about new, healthy recipes and ways of cooking are other good topics to consider writing about. People often search online for new ways to bake something, a new recipe to beat their grandma’s, or just healthy options, like gluten-free, for example. By doing a bit of research and finding some tasty, healthy new recipes for people, traffic searching for cooking will be brought right to your blog, website, or articles.

The Topic of New Technology

Technology is a great evergreen topic to write about because it is always in demand and is always changing. With new phones, video game consoles, and televisions, people are always looking online to find out more information about technology. Consider writing about the band new electronics or cheap prices on phones and computers, for example, start getting more page views and in turn money.

If you want to make money and think of more ideas to write about, it can be a good idea to simply search what is a current popular topic on search engines for that day. By writing about interesting topics that are evergreen and useful for many readers, you will get more traffic and page views to your website, articles, or blogs very quickly.

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