What to Pack in a Foster Cat’s Going Away Bag

Saying goodbye to a foster cat can be incredibly hard, especially if the animal has been with you for several weeks or months. As the cat gets ready to leave, you will need to pack some essentials in its going away bag. What should you pack in a foster cat’s going away bag?

Include Vaccination Records

The cat’s new owners need to know about the animal’s medical background, which should include a vaccination record during the cat’s stay with you. If you have any additional vaccination records, include these also. Providing an up to date vaccination record will make it easier for the new owners to register the cat and receive reminders of when the next vaccinations are due.

Don’t Forget the Cat’s Stuffed Toys!

Stuffed toys contain a lot of meaning for cats. They are full of familiar smells and can help keep cats occupied when they are on their own or bored. My cats enjoy tossing their stuffed toys in the air, fetching them and starting all over again! Even if the toys have got missing eyes and are looking worse for wear, pack them up in the cat’s going away bag. When the cat reaches its new destination, it will have at least one familiar item that it can draw comfort from.

Include a Letter to the New Cat Owner

Waving off a foster cat can be hard, even if you have put forth a lot of effort to remain detached from the animal. The pangs of guilt and sorrow linger for some foster cat carers.

However, when you have found the right owner for the cat, you can be satisfied at a job well done. Before the cat leaves, sit down and compose a letter to the new cat owner. In the rush to see the cat off, you may forget to let the new owner know that Fluffy enjoys sleeping on her blue blanket by the window sill or that she likes to take cat naps on people’s laps in the evening. These little snippets of information will help you to prepare the new cat owner for Fluffy’s quirks and unique personality traits.

Packing your foster cat’s going away bag is a final act you can perform on the animal’s behalf. Include vaccination records for the new owner, along with the cat’s stuffed toys. A letter addressed to the new owner can also help prepare them for the responsibility that lies ahead of them.

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