What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

Recently, a bill to make marijuana legal in California did not pass. Marijuana use is a very controversial topic. It is the easiest and safest drug around, yet people feel it is wrong. Whether it is legal or not, people are still going to use this drug. They might as well make it legal.

People reject marijuana for many reasons. One reason is that their religion tells them that it is wrong. Research shows that there are no specific scriptures in the Bible that say weed is not okay. Weed shouldn’t be considered a sin. It doesn’t do anything but alter your state of mind. The things you do while smoking weed could be sins, but just because you’re high doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to do anything bad. Most people who get high don’t want to move. They just sit in one spot, fall asleep, and then wake up hungry.

People say that smoking is bad for your health. Cigarettes are bad for you. They are known to cause cancer. Now it is possible that weed cause cancer too, but not as much as cigarettes. Alcohol shuts down all your major organs like your liver. You can overdose on hardcore drugs such as meth. Nobody has ever overdosed on weed.

Laziness is just one side effect of weed. People may argue that if everyone was smoking weed, then nothing would get done. Well, this is true. Realistically, the whole world isn’t going to smoking though. Only a small percentage of the world is sitting around getting high all day. The people who are sitting around smoking all day don’t usually have important jobs. No one wants to have a high doctor or firefighter or teacher. Their jobs are entirely too important to our community.

What about the people who have painful illnesses? Doctors prescribe marijuana as a pain treatment. Some people have a problem with that. Marijuana is a natural plant that makes you feel good. There is no reason for someone to take an unnatural drug if they can just smoke a natural plant. Besides, every time they have a commercial for a new drug, the side effects are worse than what the drug is supposed to help with.

I am in no way condoning drug use. I’m just realistic and I know people are going to use them anyway. Making marijuana illegal just makes things worse in my opinion. People wouldn’t have to be secret drug dealers if it was legal. Marijuana just makes people feel good, and takes away pain. If they made marijuana legal, what’s the worst that could happen?

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