When is the Best Time to Consume Sugar?

If you love sugar, then you likely know that sugar doesn’t love you back. Sugar is the kind of energy that burns quickly, but if the body isn’t in motion, then this fast-burning energy source is the first of the things you consume to turn into fat- namely belly fat. So, when is the best time to eat sugar (if at all?) Well- it’s a good idea to try to at least consume less sugar so you don’t keep making your belly look like a beer gut for the masses. But if you just plain can’t cut back on the soda (a prime sugar culprit), then at least there is good news. You can have your sugar and have it not be left on your body in the form of muffin top, too.

If you are going to have sugar, then use your sugar intake to your advantage- as an energy source. Since sugar is a quick-burning energy fuel, then the absolute best time to consume sugar is within a half hour of working out. Think of it as gassing up your body before a strenuous workout- that sugar can actually come in handy and help you work out for 15 more minutes. Not only can you burn off the energy from the sugar you consumed so it doesn’t turn into fat, but you can burn more calories and have a more noteworthy workout.

Now- sugar is definitely not a healthy tool for weight loss or exercise, not by a long shot. It’s not suggested to drink a soda prior to your morning jog- however, if you just can’t stay away from the sweets (or you like to dump in a half cup of sugar into your morning brew), then make sure that you get a little jog or 5 minute walk in along with your sugar fix. Otherwise, you may notice that sugar end up on your midsection.

Don’t worry about sugar found naturally in fruits and vegetables- this natural sugar burns a lot slower, so it doesn’t go into fat storage nearly as quickly. It’s the processed sugars found in soda, candy, and basically empty calorie foods that you should worry about. The less of this type of sugar you consume (even the artificial stuff), the better off you’ll be, health-wise.

note: don’t fool yourself into thinking that diet soda is a better alternative to regular soda for cutting back on sugar, either. Studies have shown (americanheart.org) that people who switch to diet soda tend to gain more weight than people who just stick with regular soda. The likely cause is that people who drink regular soda don’t drink as much sugar as the diet soda drinkers, therefore maintaining a ‘healthier’ weight.



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