Why More Business Owners Are Using Text Message Marketing

Small business owners are looking for ways to lower their advertising expenditures and use an alternative marketing source. Text marketing is becoming more popular as a new technology source for their business needs. Merchants want a competitive advantage without the large financial cost associated with standard media advertising outlets such as magazines, local newspapers, value packs and others.

A texting plan allows merchants to login to their account and broadcast or text their coupons, picture ads and promotions to their best prospects and most valued customers. However, they have to build their list of optin subscribers before they can start the texting process. Merchants usually set up some posters, signs or banners to offer special monthly discounts or other value gift if a person sends a text to the listed keyword with short code to join the VIP list. A person who does reply is agreeing or opting in to the discounts or freebies that the merchant is offering each month. This is a non intrusive list building process that the merchant can use every month to stay connected to his local customer base and to attract new customers. Anybody receiving these text discount alerts can cancel or opt-out anytime via a return text to the merchant source.

Many business owners understand how difficult and annoying it is to market yourself online. It takes so much time and money that many owners just give up and use the old standard advertising methods which cost too much with no way to measure results. With a text message marketing system they find how cost effective it is with measured feedback from customers joining their list. Merchants do not need a website or email address since most people carry cell or smart phones to receive a promotional message which they usual view within minutes. A customer can store a promo in their phone and show to merchant when they want to take advantage of the promo within the time frame stated in ad.

The merchant can control his text advertising campaign when he wants to boost business during slow periods by logging into his account and choosing what time and day he wants to broadcast his message. It is not complicated or time consuming as each merchant gets easy training on how to use the web based platform.

Costs will vary across different text marketing companies. Usually a merchant will spend between $100 and $400 for monthly marketing plans. A flat rate monthly plan with additional text message rates beyond your allotment is the norm for this service. The costs are much lowers than merchants spend on ads in conventional media outlets which can be between one and two thousand dollars.

An extra benefit that merchants find is the “viral effect”. When they text their special promo to their list of subscribers, those people receiving the discount or a free drink at merchant`s restaurant can forward the text discount to anybody they choose so their friends or family can also text in and get the same deal. The advantage of spreading out your business message to willing participants who want to be on your list for future deals is another reason why small business owners are using a text message advertising plan to compliment their marketing and advertising programs.

Bruce J Fraser, Associated Content from Yahoo

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