Why Should Nash Be Anywhere Else..

Why should Steve Nash go? And where would he go?

I could be the biggest Steve Nash fan since the day he resigned with the Phoenix Suns. Not just as a basketball player, but as a father. I don’t know him par say, but from what I see in interviews he seems to be an intelligent guy who always thinks about his kids first. Like every father should. Basketball seems to come second in his life to him. When people talk about Nash being traded for reasons of being too old and not being able to play the position, there might be other reasons to why Nash is still in Phoenix and why he should stay in Phoenix as long as he wants.

Think about the kids. Maybe they already have a wonderful life in Phoenix and their father Steve doesn’t want to take that away from them. Getting a ring doesn’t seem as important to him as keeping his family happy. Recently divorced, could be more of a factor, from going back and forth between the two parents is a hassle that no kid would enjoy.

So maybe, just maybe, receiving a ring with the New York Knicks or the Miami Heat is the last thing on Steve Nash’s mind. Improving the team in Phoenix this year is a task at hand he is willing to take. He has nothing else to prove to us. Retiring without a ring, and keeping the family happy seems to be enough in life for him, as it should be. Finishing as one of the greatest passing and shooting point guards to ever play the game, the hall-of-fame only waits for Steve. Not to say he isn’t done playing to his fullest. Leaving us with another 11 to 12 assists average each of the next few years is likely to happen.

To Nash, I say thank you, for caring more than just about himself.

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