Will Ben Flajnik Be Chosen as “The Bachelor”

Fans are anxious to see who will be chosen to be the new “Bachelor.” I think to choose anyone but Ben Flajnik would be a travesty. He best represented season 7 and he’s an all around good guy.

Ben Flajnik was the one Ashley Hebert rejected on season 7 of “The Bachelorette” and the 28-year-old winemaker has already become a fan favorite way before his departure from the show finale.

Ben’s final date with Ashley was in Fiji where he proposed, got rejected, and left hurt. Fans were crushed to see the good guy get sent away. Especially the way the show’s producers allowed it to happen. Normally, the proposals don’t begin until there is just one guy left. But, not this time. I think Chris Harrison owes it to Ben to pick him after all of that. Hopefully, Ben would accept. That’s my wish, anyways.

As fans already know Ashley chose JP Rosenbaum in the finale and media has reported that they are indeed still together.

But back to Ben…

Ben Flajnik’s home is in San Francisco where he promotes his Glen Ellen-based, Evolve-brand of wine that is produced with partners Mike Benziger and Danny Fay with Benziger Family Winery. It seems fan have taken to the wine and his business partners are launching new production on a new value brand to be called Epilogue. However, with demand like it is they are increasing the Evolve brand from 1,000 cases to 2,400.

Besides Ben there have been rumors that Ames Brown is the guy that most fans want to see in the role. I hope that isn’t true besides, Ames is currently starring in “Bachelor Pad” and I for one do not want to see Ames as the next “Bachelor.” He isn’t that attractive, if truth be known, and that’s ok, but seems like the one chosen should certainly be not only a great guy, but also one nice to look at.

I certainly hope that Ryan Park isn’t chosen for the role as his time on the show gave me the creeps. He was the guy that would not go away, even after Ashley Hebert sent him home. Others rumored to be “The Bachelor,” besides Ben, Ames, and Ryan – Constantine Tzortzis.

Here’s hoping that Ben is indeed the next bachelor, and if he doesn’t accept then Constantine would be my second pick.

What are your thoughts? Did you watch season 7 of “The Bachelorette” and if so, who would you pick?

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