Winter White Holiday Decorating

Time to say goodbye to the old standby – red and green. Say hello to romance, ethereal light and the joy of minimalism. Red and green is for kids…but white holiday decor is for grownups. I’m ditching it this year…well truthfully I ditched it years ago but this time I’m going all white. While I wish I could say this trend forward design style is my idea, it’s not; I have seen it showing up in catalogues and on decorating blogs lately and it’s time to move forward and use it in our own homes.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to make the switch – while some ideas can be found in nature, others can be created with simple supplies from a craft store. And given that you are working with one color, it doesn’t take much to pull this look together. Create a delicate and airy space…and then all you have is your annual holiday open house to worry about.

· Instead of cutting down a tree, take a walk in the woods and pick up branches that have several twigs extending from the main branch. Peel off any leftover leaves, sand down the rough edges and paint the entire piece in gloss white. Place this whole piece in a large vase and string white lights in-between the smaller branches. · You won’t need ornaments for this nature display because the white twinkling lights are enough and any extra ornamentation may distract from the natural beauty. However, if you insist, use clear glass ornaments which can be picked up at CB2, West Elm and World Market. The light will bounce off the glass sending twinkling reflection throughout the room. Or for just a touch of kitsch, these mini disco ball ornaments from World Market add a splash of humor and nostalgia. · Use small branches as a mantle display. Lay the branches down (painted gloss white of course) alongside the mantel and tuck clear glass balls into the little pockets of space. Or, instead of glass balls, place tea lights inside clear glass candle holders. Be sure the flame does not get too the branches. · Hang a garland or banner above the doorway or on an empty wall space. Look for garlands made from white felt or try a hand knitted one like this one from Etsy that looks like a knitted chain. · A paper garland made from cardstock, like this little gem I just found on Etsy, is a simple way to create a festive space. Make your own by heading down to the craft supply store for white card stock and ribbon. Make it as long…or as short as you want. Wrap it anywhere – there are no rules. Maybe even wrap it wound your bright white tree branches or through your mantel decor or wrap it around the dog. Oh wait no, forget that last one. · Keep a warm white throw on the sofa for the nights where extra cuddling is necessary. You need blankets anyway-why not in white? Accessorize with white pillows. Use a variety of textures to add interest and depth to your overall design. Using too many of the same fabrics will make everything flat. Pump it up with a multitude of texture from silky smooth to nubby and casual. This deconstructed rose pillow from West Elm just makes me want to reach over and touch it, or this wool poodle pillow from CB2 is just the right one to lay my head against. · Candles are a straightforward and unfussy way to light a place that makes your home inviting and intimate. Try a candelabra in the shape of branches to offer a great companion to your white gloss branches; from West Elm, just add white mini taper candles. Or gather up an assortment of clear glass votive holders in a variety of sizes and pull together a grouping. · Hang a wreath made from white bird feathers or white dried flowers. It will make you feel like it’s snowing outside and you are warm and cozy inside. · Use white plates and serving dishes and white napkins for your holiday dinner party. Serve up warm refreshments in white coffee mugs like these curved white latte mugs from Crate and Barrel. · And lastly…there is a method to this madness. This winter white decor will stretch past the holidays and even past New Years. As spring approaches consider replacing a few white items with crisp green or soft blue to welcome the longer days ahead.

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