With the GOP it is Always All Politics with No Concern for Policy and Its Ramifications

Due to Rove’s “Permanent Campaign” strategy acting in conjunction with McConnell’s goal of making President Obama a one-termer, the US populace is receiving very little policy and too much politics.

Former Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan showed honesty when he wrote in his 2008 book What Happened that “Karl Rove did not create the excesses of the permanent campaign. Rather, the excesses of the permanent campaign created Karl Rove.” As the Washington Post notes, Rove’s 2003 efforts to promote political appointments and direct federal funding to support “Bush’s reelection agenda” amounted to “a permanent campaign that was an integral part of his strategy to establish Republican electoral dominance.”

The GOP has developed print, radio and TV propaganda organs to disseminate their hypocrisies.

Rove, Herr Karl if you will, through one of the GOP favorite TV propaganda organs–FOX News, has a role in which he can attack Democrats with adoring masses cheering him on. His goal is that there will be a permanent GOP majority. He is quite unethical about achieving his goals.

In November of 2010 Republican Senator Mitch McConnell in a speech to the conservative Heritage Foundation, first admitted his top goal was to make Obama 1-term president. This was two days after Republicans scored big victories in congressional elections. McConnell offered an aggressive assessment of the results, calling for votes to erode the reach of the health care law that was a signature of the Obama administration.

“That means that we can – and should – propose and vote on straight repeal, repeatedly,” McConnell said.

Think about it. The country endured so much to see President Obama finally pass his Affordable Health Care legislation and McConnell in a blasé attitude admits the GOP should repeal it. President Obama’s Affordable Health Care legislation was not an extreme piece of legislation. Many of its aspects are vilified by leftists for not being liberal enough.

The GOP might find itself of being in the awkward position of supporting Romney in the upcoming election. President Obama used Romney’s health care reform as a model for his. How does the GOP support Romney yet attack President Obama and his Affordable Health Care legislation which to a large degree are identical?

Oh, that’s right. The audience that all of the GOP’s histrionics are geared to appeal to are our beloved low information proles. The GOP considers them to be so apathetic that whatever lies they are caught in can be finessed out of simply by appealing to the proles’ baser instincts by the staples of GOP politics–hate, fear and war mongering.

Back in July of 2011 Republican Senator Mitch McConnell on yet another FOX News misinformation collaboration with a GOP liar reiterated his goals. On Fox News Sunday, Bret Baier asked him if he stands by his previous statement that “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term President.” McConnell confirmed that his goal remains unchanged.

That was only a few months ago with the debt ceiling crisis still in the proles’ limited attention span minds. The GOP almost brought our country into a terrible economic catastrophe. Why? Because of no other reason than the GOP wanted to. It made our President look weak and when you have nothing-the proles’ plight, you go for symbolism. The GOP received a chance to lash the Democrats and make themselves look powerful-even though it jeopardized our economy, so of course the GOP went for petty political gain at the expense of policy ramifications. The GOP is betting the proles didn’t realize lowering our credit rating was the GOP’s fault even though the [email protected] rating group declared that was the reason they lowered our credit rating.

The GOP is betting its base is so apathetic it didn’t even realize the [email protected] rating group lowered our credit rating much less worry about how that impacts our future.

The article “Republicans Accuse White House and Hollywood of Planning an October Surprise. What Nerve!” describes that the GOP is already preparing its ploys for the next election.

The article relates how noted nutcase Republican Congressman Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, acting under the control of Rove, Rush and the “Inner Party” of the GOP, claims that a movie about the assassination of Osama Bin Laden is occurring because the movie industry is trying to help Democrats.

What has King been up to lately? In August Republican Rep. Peter King continued his anti-Muslim witch hunt with his congressional hearing on the so-called “radicalization” of American Muslims. You’d think that King would be happy about the US getting the man who Bush 43 vowed to “get dead or alive.”

The article states “Instead of being supportive, however, King thinks that such a movie – to be released in mid-October 2012 – is a ploy to bolster the electoral possibilities of Barack Obama; a cinematic October Surprise if you will.”

King is acting like every other GOP fool. He has spent a career acting one way– his anti-Muslim witch hunt is typical of him, yet when our President gets the man that we’ve spent so many resources to get since 9/11– King’s worst enemy, and there is movie made about it, then King is against it.

They are for anything that hurts our President even if it runs counter to their beliefs. Its proves that GOP goons are the ultimate flip-floppers-which the GOP and their faithful proles abhor.

Want another example of the GOP’s flip-flopping? I thought they detest raising taxes.

The article “The GOP will raise taxes – on the middle class and working poor” details how the GOP doesn’t want taxes to be decreased for the bottom 99%. They’d fight for every last cent for the top 1%, but not for the rest of us. The rest of us shouldn’t vote for them because money talks louder than words.

The article states “America’s presumably anti-tax party wants to raise your taxes. Come January, the Republicans plan to raise the taxes of anyone who earns $50,000 a year by $1,000, and anyone who makes $100,000 by $2,000.”

The GOP has their propaganda in line for this attack on sanity as the article states “And when taxes come chiefly from the middle class and the poor, all those anti-tax right-wingers have no problem raising them. In an editorial this weekend, the Wall Street Journal termed the payroll tax reduction “an inferior tax cut,” arguing that tax cuts should be “broad-based, immediate and permanent.” Broad-based? The payroll tax cut, which the Journal dismisses so contemptuously, benefits every employed American, while the tax cuts the paper champions – on capital gains and millionaires’ income – accrue to a far smaller group. Immediate? Unlike taxes paid annually or quarterly, the payroll tax is drawn from each paycheck from the moment the law takes effect. Permanent? The payroll tax is the tax that funds Social Security, so reducing it really can’t be a permanent policy. But the impermanence of the Bush tax cuts, which had been set to expire this year but were extended, presented no obstacle to the Journal’s fervent support for them.”

All of the GOP goons signed up to adhere to Grover Norquist’s anti-tax increase dogma. They were smart enough not to admit that this pledge only applied to helping out their blue-blooded contributors and cronies.

The article states “The most telling Republican reaction to the president’s proposal to extend the lower rate has been one man’s equivocation. The man is Grover Norquist, author of the anti-tax-increase pledge that the vast majority of House Republicans have signed. On Tuesday, pressed by a number of journalists (most prominently, The Post’s Greg Sargent) to state his position on raising the payroll tax, Norquist sought to quietly steal away. “One would have to see the final legislation,” his spokesman, John Kartch, told Sargent, to determine “what is the net effect on total taxes.”

But unless Congress votes to extend it, the lower rate will expire on Jan. 1 regardless of its effect on total taxes. Norquist flat-out opposed letting the Bush tax cuts expire – though he did tell The Post’s editorial board that it didn’t technically violate the pledge, a position that he has since tried to obfuscate. Now that the payroll tax is slated to expire, though, Norquist is lost in contemplation (or something). Congressional Republicans inclined to increase the payroll tax – and I’m not aware of any who have come forth to oppose that idea – can do so, apparently, without fear of being labeled tax-increasers just because they’ve increased taxes.”

The article states “Republicans like to complain that Democrats practice “class warfare” and “the politics of division,” as House GOP leader Eric Cantor argued on this page Monday. What the Republicans’ position on the payroll tax makes high-definitionally clear is their own class warfare on working- and middle-class Americans. Their double standard couldn’t be more obvious: Tax cuts for the wealthy are sacrosanct; tax cuts for everyone else don’t really matter.

Norquist, Cantor, Ryan, Camp, the Journal editorialists and the whole Republican crew give hypocrisy a bad name.”

It makes your head hurt to try to understand the GOP.

The GOP assumes the proles will believe their latest lie and forget about decade’s worth of positions, but it is hard on the rest of us who are capable of rational thought.

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