Woman Robs Clothing Store Over No Shoe Refund

After reading about a Wichita woman who was arrested for aggravated robbery after forcing a local store clerk at gun point to refund money and give her an exchange in shoes without a receipt. This should be a reminder to everyone, not just women, to keep their receipts. Also, leaving the merchandise behind to go get a gun to have your demands met is never a good idea.

When pointing a gun at a clerk or any employee of a place of business that deals in merchandise and cash, demanding money and merchandise at gunpoint is never a good idea. Even in this lady’s case, a dispute over a return policy and using a gun to get what she wanted is robbery.

Keeping a receipt can be a hassle. It is a far less hassle than committing aggravated robbery and going to jail.

She could possibly find herself on a year probation if she doesn’t have a prior criminal record for her misconduct. If she has a criminal record, things will change for her.

In Kansas, aggravated robbery, the charge this woman was arrested on, can land a person in jail for a maximum of 20 years. Even though robbery without a dangerous weapon, the gun, can lad a person in prison for a maximum of just over 11 years.

Worst part of the whole situation is there was a 15-year old male with her when she robbed the store. The upside for him is he hadn’t taken part in the robbery. Since she had fled the scene, officers found her at another location in the city of Wichita. Considering the location where they found her, it is possible they arrested her at her home since it is a residential area.

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