Women Using Kids as Pawns: Have Women Gone Crazy?

I’m disturbed by how many women use their kids as a way to get back at their baby daddies or ex husbands.
My mom claims she doesn’t remember a lot of the things that she done and said when I was a child, but my mom used to try to turn me against my father. She would only tell me negative things about him, and eventually refused to let me go to his house to see him.

Yes, my father was a deadbeat, but I feel like my mom didn’t do a great job of trying to keep at least a semi-positive view on my dad. She seemed like she wanted me to hate him as much as she did.
I see that a lot of other mothers do that same thing. They try to turn the kids against their own father just because they themselves don’t like him anymore.

Some women try to take full custody of the kids just to hurt the father. They don’t want the father to have any right to his own kids. These women are selfish and they think that the kids are more of theirs than his just because they are the one that gave birth.

These women are just still hurt by what happened between them and the man. I used to think that there was a part of these women that still wanted the man, but I think they are just still hurt and they don’t know how to get over the pain.

Women have an idea of the kind of life they want, and for most women, it involves a family. Once a woman can’t have the family they want, they get distraught because a family is a large part of a woman’s American dream.

A woman doesn’t know how to pick up the pieces when she had the dream in her hands, and it just fell apart. Where does she go from there? How does she continue to live a normal life once she’s had a taste of the American dream, and it’s now gone?

Well, I’ll tell you how they can move on. They can actually realize they are a grown ass woman, and if they cared about their kids, they would stop turning them against their own blood. Stop being selfish and grow up.

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