World War 2 Movies from 2000 to 2010

The decade from 2000 to 2010 had several high quality World War 2 movies. Below is a list of the top 7 war movies of the decade.

Number 7: “Flags of Our Fathers” (2006). This Clint Eastwood film tells the story of Iwo Jima and the small group of soldiers that were incorrectly credited with planting the flag on Mount Suribachi. The soldiers struggle with what they believe to be the undeserved fame and glory they received.

Number 6: “Windtalkers” (2002). This film stars Nicholas Cage as a Marine assigned to protect a Navajo code talker. The American commanders devised a plan where Navajo Indians would perform code duties by communicating in Navajo, making it almost impossible for the Japanese to break the code.

Number 5: “U 571″ (2000). This is a fictional account of the capture of the valuable Enigma machine. The Enigma was the German code system that allowed German submarines to communicate with their commanders in Europe. In this account, the American navy, not the British captures the machine and changes the face of the Atlantic naval war.

Number 4: “Enemy at the Gate” (2001). As the German Army advances on Stalingrad, the Russians counterattack and surround the entire German 8th Army. The battle deteriorates into street to street fighting. This movie tells the story of 2 snipers, one German and one Russian as they battle each other for control of the devastated city.

Number 3: “Letters from Iwo Jima” (2006). This film tells the story of the Battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of the Japanese defenders. As the American forces advance on the island and its defenses crumble, the Japanese hide in underground fortifications. They battle the American invaders as well as each other, in an attempt to stave off the inevitable.

Number 2: “The Great Raid” (2005). In January 1945, the war is essentially decided. Japanese forces still control large parts of the Philippines. They hold many prisoners of war as well. American commanders are concerned that the Japanese will massacre their prisoners, so they send a Ranger battalion behind enemy lines to attack a prisoner of war camp and free the captives. This movie is based on the actual events surrounding the Raid at Cabanatuan.

Number 1: “Band of Brothers” (2001). An 11 part HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers tells the story of Easy Company during the invasion of France and Germany. Easy Company is a part of the vaunted 101st Airborne Division and this film chronicles the exploits of the company in such engagements as Normandy, Battle of the Bulge and Operation Market Garden.

The decade of 2000 – 2010 included some highly acclaimed World War 2 movies. None was better than Band of Brothers.

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