WWE-Stop the Madness Between Cm Punk and Triple H

With the WWE resigning CM Punk to a multiple year contract and Vince McMahon releasing the reins of the company to Triple H, where will the WWE go from here?

First off, it was good to see that the WWE got it’s mind right and resigned CM Punk. Of all the wrestlers, I believe CM Punk has the most appeal and talent and can become a major superstar if handled correctly. But unfortunately it seems that WWE and CM Punk is falling off the mark.

There are now times on Monday Night Raw that I cringe during a CM Punk monologue. The fire and angst that he had that came across television so clearly has been replaced by a sarcasm and annoyance that is tough to watch sometimes. Let me let WWE in on a little secret – CM Punk does not have the same charisma as the garden variety wrestler. He is at his best when he is good and pissed off and coming down the ramp with both middle fingers in the air (figuratively speaking). Now, every time he starts jaw jacking with Triple H it diminishes Punk’s persona a little bit – he seems more like someone who was given the keys to the candy store and is complaining he can’t unlock the door. But all is not lost. The remedy is to drop the little spat between Triple H and Cm Punk directly after Night of Champions.

As far as Triple H as COO – I can buy that, and think it was a good move by the WWE and something most fans knew was coming. I think he is a fair guy and was hoping he would be a little more level headed when it came to “running” the company. However, his appointing himself referee was a bad call, and then personally setting up a match between himself and CM Punk is even worse. What the hell is the reason? To replace Triple H as COO if he loses? To promote some storyline with Triple H’s friend, Kevin Nash? Whatever the reason, the worst thing the WWE can do is to drag out this problem between CM Punk and Triple H.

Let Triple H and CM Punk fight on Night of Champions, then drop it and let CM Punk go back to being the resident badass.

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