Are green beans good for you

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Green beans are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese and low in calories! Thanks for using ChaCha! Ask away! [ Source: ]
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How to Make The Best Fresh Green Beans
・ Step1 Put green beans in strainer and wash. Place a wok on burner with a good amount of butter in over… ・ Step2 Put on cutting board and cut off both ends. ・ Step3 Place in wok and start to sautee. Put desired amount of garlic in. ・ Ste…
What’s the best way to preserve green beans
i believe canning would be best because if the power was to fail frozen would not last long i also think drying would be good also.
What is different and superior about this product is that the pat…?
This makes it a better product — my opinion being based on practical application and logic. The dilution of permethrin in Vectra 3D, as I understand it, is such that it spreads better and dries within 2 hours on the dog, after which time th…

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any good ways to cook fresh green beans for 75 people in a roasting pan?
Q: Friends of ours are getting married and want fresh whole green beans.trying to find a good way to cook that many beans at one time.
A: I have found when I do green beans for a large group I steam them in butter water( not over cooking them you want them barley soft) then I drain them but keeping about 1 cup of the water then I add cranberries and sliced almonds to them toss together with 2 tbs of a (2 tbs) butter (1 1/2 tsp) garlic powder (1 tbs) ground black pepper mixture then replace the little bit of water and let them set with a lid on for 5 mins before serving.
I need a really good recipe for green beans!?
Q: I bought some fresh green beans at the farmers market and have never cooked green beans before. I tried blanching, which works great for asperagus, not so much with the green beans. I don’t want anything drenched in butter, just something good and healthy.
A: In a skillet/pan, heat about 3 tablespoons of olive oil or (bacon grease) add the green beans along with some chopped or sliced onion and even small new potatoes and about 1 cup of water (depending on how much stuff is in your pan)….cook til potatoes and beans are done….. add salt and pepper…..these are delicious…..should you use bacon grease, they are even better. serve with hot corn bread…
How are green beans good for you?
Q: How are green beans good for you? Could you lose weight by eating them with like dinner or something? I thought i heard that but i’m not sure.
A: Fiber, which is filling, and stabilzes blood sugar, and vitamins.
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