Are lemons healthy for you

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Yes. Lemons fruit is high in vitamin contents. It has Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid that can protect us from sickness. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Are lemons healthy?
Lemons are extraordinarily healthy. We go on fasts twice a year drinking just a kind of lemon juice water with maple syrup and we get rid of so much swelling in our joints (my arthritis is SO much better with lemons) and stomach, our acid s…
Is a lemon healthy?
Lemons are very healthy. They contain vitamins A, P and C, help prevent the flu and common cold, and are very high in potassium. Lemon juice is a diuretic, meaning it relieves kidney and bladder disorders, as well as destroying intestinal w…
What ways do lemons keep us healthy?
Well, lemons are a fruit so they keep us healthy the same way that oranges do. Because lemons are sour, it’s better to put them in hot water and drink as a hot drink

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Are lemons as seasoning considered healthy?
Q: I am trying to eat healthy but I love A LOT of flavor in my foods. If I have fish I basically drown the fish the lemon juice (sometimes fresh sometimes bottled.) Is this healthier than salt and putting spices on food or about the same?
A: Yes, it is healthy. The only thing that could happen is the acid from the lemons could damage your enamel on your teeth. As long as you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after eating you should be fine.
what is the best thing for lemons,fruits to grow beautiful and healthy?
A: I feed mine twice a year with citrus food. Some of my Lemons get as large as grapefruit. They are the species of Eureka need a lot of heat. Hoyakins
How can I make natural healthy lemon aid?
Q: I have a lemon tree in my back yard and I’m probably the only person with one in my city in Arizona. So I want to take advantage to it and heck make lemon aid. But what’s a healthy way to make lemon aid, and I say healthy because a lot of people make lemon aid by just adding a pound of sugar and I prefer a healthy solution.
A: I live in Az also, and have a citrus trees. Try honey as a sweetener. Got lots of good honeys to choose from in AZ.
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