Are Yams and sweet potatos different

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Yams are different from sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are from the plant family Morning glory, and yams from the yam family. [ Source: ]
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What is the difference between Yams and Sweet Potatoes? Both good…?
Actually the plants are quite different. We may use the terms interchangeably, but they are really quite different. What we find in supermarkets and in cans are sweet potatoes, no matter how they are labeled. Sweet Potatoes are orange tuber…
What is the difference between yams and sweet potato’s??
the sugar makes the sweet potato sweeter and better for baking pies and cakes and breads but yams are not as sweet
How to Tell the Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes?
Most people seem to be under the impression that yams and sweet potatoes are the same vegetable; they are just known by two different names in different parts of the world. That is not the case.

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Baked Sweet Potato Help?
Q: What kind of nuts go good on a baked sweet potato?Also, are yams and sweet potatos two different things?
A: Pecans go good on a baked sweet potatoand yes they actually are different
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