Can depression cause severe headaches

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Depression can cause physical symptoms like upset stomach, weight gain or loss, headaches that can be severe & sleeping problems. [ Source: ]
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Why am I feeling so bad (aches, pains, headaches, lack of energy,…?
you sound just like I have felt for the past 18 months. It is awful to feel so bad and not know why. I asked my Dr to run blood tests because I felt Something was wrong. The blood testrevealed Glandular Fever. It was good to have a name for…

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Can migraine headaches cause depression?
Q: I got a crushing migraine headache around a year ago i didnt know what a migrain was at the time my eyesight blacked out i felt completely out of it & i couldnt stop vomiting i also had a severe headache it was the worst pain ive ever felt in my life,ever since ive had these i cant think straight,i cant even sit down and watch a movie anymore because my mind just isnt there and my personality keeps changing i dont even use my phone anymore which is really not me & i never know what day it is or what time & my sleep is all over the place and my eating habits too.
A: I know my depression deepens on the days I have migraines. I don’t know if migraines can cause it, but they definitely affect it (at least with me).
what sort of headaches can anxiety and depression stressors….cause?
Q: Can the headacaches be severe and constant?
A: Yes.Anxiety and depression can cause any physical malady.
I am a 30 year old mommy of 3 and been having these severe headaches that won’t go away?
Q: I have been to the hospital numerous of times and they ran some test on me and a ct scan and everything seemed fine. I am just worried. I recently had an anxiety attack due to stress. I am doing just fine now, no depression or anger just these headaches that won’t go away. Its not just on the top of my head, its on the back and I am afraid to take motrin and the other medication that they prescribed me with cause its not working. I wanna tell the dr about it again but I have a feeling that she just gonna prescribe me another med that wont cure it. maybe i should just calm myself down until who knows when these headaches will go away. is there anything that u guys can help me with? Also I been drinking chamomille tea to relax my mind.
A: For starters, I’m not a doctor, or probably qualified to answer this responsibly. I’ll tell you what worked for me. I have neck problems that will give me the most brutal migraines ever. I’m talking debilitating.I started practicing Tai Chi and went to a seminar by one of the four greats in the Chen style. Before we did anything, he had everyone do simple neck rotations for about 10 minutes. Just rotate left, and rotate right. Not too much, but just enough to engage the muscles and loosen the neck/spine.After years of chiropractic treatment, all I needed to do was the most basic of exercises… neck rotations.I haven’t had a bad migraine since, and I avoid pills. Maybe I helped, maybe I didn’t… good luck.
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