Can i get more on what vitamin e is good for

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Nutrition Home: Vitamins vitamin E Vitamin E Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant by neutralizing free radicals in MORE? [ Source: ]
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Can you get 400 IU of vitamin E from a good diet??
No. To get your 400 IU, you’d need to drink more than 2 quarts of olive oil daily, one of the richest sources.
How many IU Vitamin E is good to get rid of red scars??
I’ve been using Vitamin E and Hydroquinone for six months now with NO results. What do I do? Do I need to get laser surgery? Is my skin damaged, and is that why it’s not working?
Is vitamin A or Vitamin E better for helping to get clear skin??
Yes of course, you just eat orange, but for vitamin A for helping to get clear eyes, like carrots.

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Can I leave Vitamin E oil on my face over night?
Q: i put vitamin e oil on my skin for my acne scars.. its kinda sticky soo shuld is it ok for me to leave it on over night or shuld i wash it off first?
A: use the Bio oil is better for acne scars.
vitamin E or A for good skin?
Q: i read in the newspaper that vitamin is good for ur skin….i suffer from acne….the thing is that i dont remember which vitamin it was.. and can u tell me in which form and where it is availiable…and plz tell me other treatments for acne if u know….plz! 🙂
A: Skin Vitamins Glossary1. Vitamin AWHAT IT DOES INTERNALLY:- Necessary for normal growth , development, and renewal of skin cells; keeps skin tissue, red blood cells, and immune system healthy; antioxidant.BEST FOOD SOURCES :- Eggs yolks, milk and other dairy products, fish oil, margined, liver.WHAT IT DOES TOPICALLY:- Evens out skin tone; diminishes fine line; enhances epidermal turnover;may make skin more elastic; used in prescription drugs to treat acne and psoriasis; may stimulate renewal of skin cells.2. VITAMIN BWHAT IT DOES INTERNALLY:-Necessary for protein metabolism; building red blood cells; immune function; hormone synthesis; venous system function.BEST FOOD SOURCES :- Poultry, fish, whole grains, dried beans, bananas, meat, dairy products, leafy green vegetables.WHAT IT DOES TOPICALLY:-Regulates oil secretion and prevents extreme oiliness; decreases tendency towards blemishes; prevents scaly skin and dermatitis; may aid in collagen formation.3. VITAMIN CWHAT IT DOES INTERNALLY:-Necessary for collagen production; not synthesized by body and needs to be provided by food; neutralizes free radicals.BEST FOOD SOURCES :- Citrus fruits, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, fortified cereals, berries, melon, peppers, potatoes.WHAT IT DOES TOPICALLY:-Helps heal scar tissue, cuts, and bruises; protects against UVA/UVB rays and may stimulate collagen production.4. VITAMIN DWHAT IT DOES INTERNALLY:- Necessary for development of skin cells; promotes calcium absorption.BEST FOOD SOURCES :- Egg yolks, salmon, liver,herring, fortified milk.WHAT IT DOES TOPICALLY:- Moisturizes and conditions skin; may enourage normal tissue development; used in prescription drugs to treat psoriasis.5. VITAMIN EWHAT IT DOES INTERNALLY:- Necessary for growth of healthy tissue; an extremely stable antioxidant.BEST FOOD SOURCES :- Wheat germ, nuts, vegetable oil, green leafy vegetables, whole grains.WHAT IT DOES TOPICALLY:- Conditions and moisturizes skin; inhibits free- radical damage; helps heal burns, inflammation, cuts and irritation.6.VITAMIN FWHAT IT DOES INTERNALLY:- An essential fatty acid that is a building block of the surface skin .BEST FOOD SOURCES :- Flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, blackcurrant’s, safflower oil, broage seed oil, linolenic acid.WHAT IT DOES TOPICALLY:-Helps maintain barrier function of the skin; treatment for acne; moisturizes skin.7. VITAMIN KWHAT IT DOES INTERNALLY:- Helps promote blood clotting.BEST FOOD SOURCES :- Green leafy vegetables.WHAT IT DOES TOPICALLY:- Reduces bruising; may help relieve dark circles under eyes; treats actinic purpura in aged skin, and may help make broken capillaries fade.
I use lemon juice in evening,vitamin e oil over night to treat some acne scars – good or counterproductive?
Q: Looking for informed answers if possible.I am using them to treat a few acne scars but just need to know if using them both is sensible every evening and night?.I do rinse lemon juice off before applying vitamin e oil and I am seeing improvement but I dont want to do more harm than good.Thanks.
A: I have never heard of the lemon juice thing. Maybe you could try a fade cream. I would just search for it. I have been using AMBI skin cream for the last few weeks. I havent seen a huge result yet but I havent been using it for long. It does say that it is for women of color like hispanic or black. I am mixed my skin isnt dark, so i may try regular fade cream. I would search for it. But look up the ambi sit. they have alot of good products, I bought mine at
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