Can you eat a duck egg

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Absolutely! Duck eggs taste pretty much the same as chicken eggs. The eggs and yolks are larger and they have a richer nutrient level.You’ll notice that the yolks stand up higher than typical chicken eggs. That’s because they are fresher. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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yes you can they taste very good and rich nicer than chicken eggs!
Yeah, you can eat them. It’s perfectly safe to do so…if its cooked properly and the bacteria is all killed.
Absolutely, and they are very tasty indeed. Somewhat rare to find in a supermarket too. You can use them instead of hens eggs, but note that they are often larger so plan your recipes accordingly. One of my favourite recipes (albeit fairly …

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can a person with an egg allergy eat duck eggs?
Q: My son is allergic to eggs (chicken eggs, I’m assuming is what they tested for) and cows milk. He drinks goats milk no problem. So I’m wondering if I could apply this logic to the egg allergy. It’s a crazy question, I know, but It would be so great if i could feed him scrambled eggs in the morning. Hopefully someone out there knows a little something about this.
A: You should speak to his allergist, but since chickens and ducks are both fowl, it would seem logical that the same proteins would be present in both a chicken egg and a duck egg.
In what country do people eat the duck egg with its fertilized duck with a nearly developed embryo inside?
Q: that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell??
A: the Philippines. they call it “balut” It’s yummy. You should try it
allergic to chicken eggs – but not duck eggs? Can pond quality affect egg quality?
Q: I was recently told that (some) people who are allergic to chicken eggs, are able to eat duck eggs. Has anyone else ever heard this? I did try eating duck eggs and had none of the reactions I get from eating chicken eggs. After a while, though, I got a pretty bad stomach ache. A friend who also ate them, but is not allergic to chicken eggs, also had stomach pains afterwards and suggested that it could be because the pond the ducks were using was stagnant and dirty. Could the pond’s condition have an affect on the quality of the eggs to such an extent?
A: yes this may be true, as the ducks probly drink the water and the water of course helps make the egg!! it also depends on what feed the duck ate!!
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